Best Big Bang Theory Episodes

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The Top Ten

1 The Zazzy Substitution (s4)

Sheldon and Amy break up, Sheldon reacts by getting a litter of kittens and naming them after scientists, except one who is...Zazzy (AKA Zazzles). The joyful look on his face in saying that word never fails to crack me up. - truckturner

2 The Beta Test Initiation (s5)

Forget Penny and Leonard trying to iron out the bugs in their relationship, this one's all about Raj and his increasingly sad relationship with Siri. Yes, that Siri. The ending is hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time. Poor Raj. - truckturner

3 The Middle Earth Paradigm (s1)

The best of the first season, dealing with a Halloween party that sees Penny in a cat costume, Leonard in a hobbit costume, and a lot of alcohol leading to the geek finally getting the hot girl. Sort of. - truckturner

4 The Justice League Recombination (s4)

Penny's idiot boyfriend Zack, Penny in a Wonder Woman costume, Raj being relegated to being Aquaman, this episode has something for everyone. - truckturner

5 The Einstein Approximation (s3)

Sheldon's fixation on an equation results in him losing sleep and pretty much his damn mind. The bit with him in the ball pit is hilarious. - truckturner

6 The Plimpton Stimulation (s3)

Judy Greer gets all the credit here as a nympho scientist staying with Sheldon and Leonard...and lusting after Leonard...and Raj...and Howard. - truckturner

7 The Pants Alternative (s3)

Sheldon has to overcome his fear of public speaking to accept an award. It goes spectacularly wrong. - truckturner

8 The Love Spell Potential (s6)

Howard is one of my least favourite characters, but Simon Helberg's mastery of impersonations is gut-busting as he narrates a game of Dungeons & Nicolas Cage. It's dead-on. - truckturner

9 The Egg Salad Equivalency (s6)

Sheldon's...being Sheldon gets him a visit to the HR department. In addition to making matters worse for himself, he also somehow gets Leonard, Raj, and Howard in trouble too. - truckturner

10 The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary (s3)

The one where we first learn of Sheldon's hatred for Wil Wheaton. The "Star Trek" references are especially choice. - truckturner