Things I Hate About Pokémon

I love Pokémon, but I could do without all of this B.S.
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The Top Ten

1 Serena haters

To tell the truth, I think Serena is okay. My favorite female was May. But, still, one group often worse than the fanbase is the haters. And that goes septuple (X7) for Serena’s haters. Always throwing around the most vulgar crap to describe a child since Jack Morrissey suggested throwing students from Covington Catholic High School into a wood chipper (yes, that really happened. Go read the Wikipedia article for the 2019 indigenous people’s march). Also, last time I checked the list on “words to describe Serena from Pokémon”, somebody suggested the word “c***”. You can fill in that asterisk and imagine what I’m talking about when I say that these people are quite vicious.

2 Genwunners

Pokémon ‘fans’ that only claim the first (or first and second) generation(s) of Pokémon are good and the others are crap, and then vehemently bad mouth dissenters. Yeah, not the best company. In fact, probably some of the worst company.

3 Spammers

Obvious choice Alert! So, we all have that one person we find in an online match, and they send out a Pokémon and use the same move over and over and over again. Or the same two moves over and over. One time I went up against this kid and she had a darkrai. I had an ensemble of well trained Pokémon and she had that single Darkrai. She’d Use Dark void and then spam the crap out of Dream eater. We battled 4 times and I only beat her once. It sucked, and all because some noob was using Darkrai’s signature move combo constantly.

I am of the personal belief that Darkrai is the biggest Noobmon ever!

4 Cheat accusers

Yeah, so, you just thumped a guy’s ass. Suddenly, he accuses you of cheating and having a hacked Pokémon, despite having your level 100 Dialga since you got Pokémon diamond, transferred it to Pokémon black, and then transferred it to Pokémon Omega Ruby.

Just another loser saltier than a second place finish in Fortnite.

5 Shippers

LiKe, ZoMg! AsH iS sTaNdInG nExT tO mIsTy! ThEy ArE tOtEs In LoVe! #PoKeShIpPiNg!

Shut up. They’re children.

Remember Lyra and how she always asked if Dawn liked Ash? Or how Bonnie tried to hook Clemont up with every woman he interacted with? I'm beginning to think they were tongue in cheek jabs at shippers.

6 Poképhiles

Attracted to Pokémon? I think that’s illegal in Kanto and the other regions.

7 Hackers

There’s more non hackers than hackers, but you will come across one. Chances are that you’ll lose to their shiny level 100 Zygarde with wonder guard after one hit.

8 Anime female companion fanboys

All of the female companions have obsessed fanboys, with Serena and Misty having the worst ones. If you criticize these females, prepare to be called some pretty bad names.

9 Unfair GTS trades

Offers: Level 1 pichu

Wants: Mew, level 91-100

Comments: Shiny please!

Me: How about no…

10 Lame wonder trades

So, you send a level 27 Onix with a metal coat through wonder trade, wanting to get something cool.

Along comes the Pokémon you get in return: a level 2 Zigzagoon.