The Order Darthvadern Got The Mario Video Games (100th Video Game List Special)

Wow I've already made one hundred video game related lists already! Now that's a lot certainly! I'll be going through all the mario related games I own and I'll be looking in the order I recieved them, starting with the first one. This is a subject I really like so this will be quite fun in my opinion. I won't be counting virtual console games simply because it gets too complicated then. Here's the list!
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Mario Party 9

Oh yes. The first mario video game I ever got which also made me interested in the mario console games in the first place and pherhaps one of the best ones as well because it's just so awesome! One of the most original mario parties ever! I remember seeing my brother watching it on youtube and I literally fell in love with it! I begged my mom to buy it and I got it. It was one of the best video games I had ever played and I still remember when I got it. It's easly one of the best in my opinion. 2012 was surely one awesome year

2 Mario Kart Wii

This game was one I got alongside the Wii at my grandmother and I surely didn't expect to get this game but I'm certainly glad I got it. It's one of my favourite Mario Karts of all time and one of the most fun as well

3 Mario Party 8

I was originally going to get it for christmas but I got it a few months earlier. Even though I'm not a fan of classic mario party I have always thought this one was quite fun and I'm glad I have managed to play it as it surely is a fun game in my opinion

4 New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Originally I wanted the DS version but at the time I didn't own a DS or a 3DS so my parents accidently bought this one. However it's not a bad thing as I really like this game as well. It's one of the three games I got for christmas in 2012 and the first one I played and opened up so that's why it's ahead of the galaxy games

5 Super Mario Galaxy 2

I got both galaxy games in the same christmas. However the original came two days after christmas so I played this one first and I think it's the best of the two. More colourful anf fun, better missions and galaxies in my opinion

6 Super Mario Galaxy

Well I got it two days after christmas alongside two mario plushies. I found it quite annoying honestly when I first played it but that may be due to the fact I played the sequel first. I grew to love it later on though and it's one of my top ten mario games now

7 Mario Kart 7

One lucky easter was it in 2013 as I not only got a Nintendo 3DS, but also this game which is to this day my favourite Mario Kart of all time I really love it. The tracks, the music. It's awesome

8 New Super Mario Bros DS

One year later after Mario Kart 7 I got my first DS game, which is the New Super Mario Bros. game I have been the most anticipated of. I really like it and I consider it to be the best of the series in my opinion

9 Mario Party: Island Tour

During midsummer of 2013 I got this awesome game which is my favourite handheld mario party and one of my favourite video games of all time. I remember my trip to Lithuania in 2014 when I was so sick but this game has luckily left tons of nostalgia in both the game and the trip itself

10 New Super Mario Bros. 2

Originally I was going to get NSMB and MPIT during my birthday the same year as well but I managed to get the other two earlier, the ones I were more anticipated for. While this one is the worst of the bunch, it's still a decent game overall with decent levels fi you ask me honestly really

The Contenders

11 Mario Kart DS

2015 had also another lucky easter as I not only got this game, but Mario Kart Double Dash and a gamecube (although the latter was sorta after). It might be my least favourite modern mario kart but it's still great

12 Mario Kart: Double Dash

Has been one of my most anticipating mario karts ever. I had seen it on youtube and I think it's one of the best mario karts to date, excluding the horrid controls in my opinion

13 Mario Kart 8

A while after Double Dash I got myself the hands on a Wii U including Mario Kart 8 and it surely was awesome. I think this is one of the weaker mario karts but I really like it as well honestly

14 Mario Party 10

I had been so hyped for this particular game since it was announced. It's a sequel to 9 which is one of my favourite games of all time and this game did not disappoint. It's way better than Super Mario Party. Great birthday in 2015

15 New Super Mario Bros. U

For Christmas in 2015 when I drank the nourishment drinks I got two games and one of them made it super nostalgic, but it's not this one. It's however still a pretty decent game with cool levels

16 Yoshi's Woolly World

Now this was surely one nostalgic video game. I got it in christmas 2015 from my gramma and I still love this game a lot. Some people will say it's more of a yoshi game but really it's part of the mario series

17 Super Mario Maker

Now this is the only game on here that I bought digitally and not a physical copy (although the same to be said about Mario Kart 8 but I got that one along with the Wii U). Overall it's decent

18 Mario Party 7

One of the two games I got during my birthday in 2016, but I got it before it even. It's definitely the best gamecube mario party so far and the only one I have been quite anticipated to get

19 Mario Party 5

This might be my least favourite on the list honestly. I got it a few days after my birthday but it was a nice treat after what I went through the very same day which was a bit irritating

20 Super Mario 3D Land

So during the christmas in 2016 I got this game, 3D World and Alpha Sapphire. Since I played this one before 3D World and since Alpha Sapphire isn't a mario game this one is ahead in the ranking and I really love the game. Excellent music and gimmicks

21 Super Mario 3D World

I think overall it was better than Land due to better level design and much more creative. It's the only main series title so far to have Rosalina as a playable character

22 Super Mario Odyssey

Hands down the best mario platformer of all time. It's such a unique and creative video game that is so nostalgic. The only big flaw is that once you complete it, it lacks replay-value unfortuanely and can only be enjoyed the first time really. Christmas 2017 was surely awesome. This, Mario + Rabbids AND a Switch surely is awesome

23 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

One of the few games in which I actually really liked the rabbids. They were qutie charming here and honestly quite cool. I love all the different rabbid enemies as well as the fact that you have a few rabbids on your side. It's quite awesome

24 Mario Party: Star Rush

Originally I wanted Super Mario Sunshine but due to it being very expensive at the moment I thought "you know what? Why not test a modern mario party?" So my gramma got it for christmas and oh man was this a memorable game! It's hands down the most creative mario party so far and has tons of interesting game modes

25 Super Paper Mario

I feel quite lucky that I found a cheap copy of this game, as for Easter it's usually small gifts or maybe one sorta expensive one (unless you're lucky). This is my favourite mario game of all time and my third favourite video game of all time as well. Just play it and you'll see what I mean

26 Super Mario Sunshine

For birthdays I usually like some pretty cool gifts and this surely is one of the most unique mario platformers of all time. While it did unfortuanely disappoint me a lot as the controls were so slippery and terrible, plus the camera was bad, and the difficulty was way too far, I still found tons of creativity in it

27 Mario Tennis Aces

My first mario sports game and it surely is awesome! While it gets a bit boring after completeting story mode (I'm not buying online so I can't play multiplayer) I really love it still. One of the three gifts I got from my parents in 2018

28 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Looking back at it, it might have been a bit unneccesary to get this one, but I don't regret it. It's in my top three mario karts of all time and has excellent battle mode that deserves a mention

29 Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions

Oh yes. I got tons of money from my friends during a party, and I mean tons. I literally bought three Mario & Luigi games without even knowing their gameplay but I so much did not regret it. This one I played first and is my second favourite of the three I got. Excellent charm and story and creativity

30 Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

The best of the three Mario & Luigi games I first got. This one's just so original and creative words cannot descrive it. It's one of the top three mario games of all time as well honeslty

31 Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

My least favourite of the three I got but certainly not a bad game. In fact I thought it was quite great. The battle system is awesome and the music is very excellent

32 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

This is a game I have promised myself to get for so many months. I was originally going to get it on my birthday but at that point I was more interested in getting more Switch games and Super Mario Sunshine, and this game is just so expensive. I really promised myself to get it in christmas though and while I didn't get as many games as I otherwise would if I didn't get it, I don't regret it. I needed to get it at one point

33 Super Mario Party

This game showed why mario party needed a change and it's definitely one of the weaker entries in recent times. While it's the worst modern mario party (excluding The Top 100) I'd classify it as a good-to-great game. The minigames surely are great and I really liked a few boards (King Bob-Omb's Powederkeg Mine to be specific)

34 Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'S Journey

I'm a huge fan of the mario & luigi series and I've been very excited to try this out since it's known as the best game in the series..., well, the DS one. I got the 3DS one instead because it was cheaper and it's a lot of fun I must say. One of the two games I got for easter in 2019

35 Yoshi's Crafted World

I got this too on easter in 2019 along with Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey. Yoshi's Woolly World on the Wii U is one of my favourite video games of all time and while this one isn't as good as that one it's still fun. It has been one of my most anticipated video games on the switch and it certainly didn't disappoint.

36 Mario Golf: World Tour

I got it during christmas 2019. I liked Mario Tennis Aces a lot so I was looking for another Mario Sports game and in the end I chose Golf World Tour. I expected a lot of it, the cover looked amazing and I heard the roster was amazing. However I was a little disappointed or maybe it just wasn't my style so I haven't played it much for so long.

37 Luigi's Mansion 3

Another christmas 2019 gift. I played the second one on my brother's 3DS and I must say I loved it so obviously I wanted the third one as well. I haven't played much of it but I like it so far, the hotel setting is cool and the graphics are stunning!

38 Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time

So there were two other mario games I was going to get for christmas in 2019, alongside the two items above, but they got delayed so I got them at the last day of 2019. One of these are the second M&L game. It's my favourite mario series of all time and I have played all of the other entries so this one's left.

39 Mario Party DS

The other game I got. I heard from unbiased Mario Party fans this is the best title in the series and considering it seemed better in that it had a real story mode and boss battles contrary to other classic entries, I got it. I don't think it's THAT good, but I think it's pretty cool. I still prefer the modern entries and possibly 8 too, but it's a fun game.