Top Ten Warrior Cats From Dawn of the Clans

These are my fave cats from Dawn of the Clans!
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The Top Ten

1 Gray Wing

I just wish he was a leader and he got to survive, maybe a clan called Wingclan? - BloodFang

I love Gray Wing he's got so much heart and happiness

2 Slate
3 Fern Leaf
4 Skystar

He is stupid - Firestar123

I don't like Clear Sky. - RoseWeasley

No offense, I mean... that’s just my opinion, sorry - Warriorcatsrule

He’s my favorite from the series. I like his first name better though. - Camaro6

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5 Shadowstar
6 Willow Tail
7 Thunderstar

Yes! - Firestar123

8 Dawn Mist
9 Lightning Tail
10 Turtle Tail