Worst School Grades Based On Jasmine21064's Personal Experience

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The Top Ten

1 2nd Grade

2nd Grade was literal torture for me. I have been bullied by a group of kids in my class because I was overweight, despite one of the bullies was overweight as well. One of them even punched me in the stomach! A new student came and even she bullied me! I was so upset that I would go to the cubby and cry while they mock me. This got worse when there was a new girl who literally joined in and bullied me! The worst part is that my teacher AND parents didn't help at all; my mom continuously told me the same atrocious advice (sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me) which, unsurprisingly, NEVER worked, my dad would spank me with his belt whenever I whine/tell him about it, and my teacher sends me and one of the bullies to some woman so the bullying can stop, but it never stopped, and she would act meaner to me more than the bullies. Only one of the bullies got in trouble and later apologized to me years later, by the way. The only good things about 2nd grade was ...more

2 7th Grade

7th Grade is easily the worst middle school grade for me. One of the main reasons was that there was this one girl named (I'll call her Girl A) who used to bully me and another student (I'll call him Boy A) during the school year. She even made me cry and made Boy A cry TWICE. The friends I made were also friends of Girl A, so they had to spend less time (or just not become friends anymore) with her in order to talk to me. Thank goodness she left after the grade ended.
There was also a boy (I'll call him Boy B) who I felt sorry for the whole entire year because he had the most punishments. I mean, he was still bad, but he received so much undeserved punishments (even ones where the person next to him deserved the consequences! ) There was one specific day when I felt sorry for him the most (and started hating someone for a long time): He had gotten a permission slip for a field trip for the very first time, and when he went to use the restroom, a boy next to him (I'll call him Boy ...more

3 3rd Grade

The only reason why I didn't like 3rd Grade was a couple of friends I made (I'll call them Girls B & C) Our friendship started off as a great one, but it started to slowly go downhill when they attempted to make me say the b word because I never said bad words at that time. I did, and I felt really bad, but I didn't really tell them that. Our relationship got worse when I saw them bullying a girl (I'll call her Girl D) because she was overweight and they told me to join them, but I didn't. Instead, I went to Girl D and made her feel better, and we became friends. I then told Girls B & C that what they were doing was wrong, and that resulted in a feud. During the last day of school, I was able to have a calm-like conversation with Girl C in hopes to having a better relationship with her, but, at the end, she said something that will later forever haunt my memories: "We're still not friends." Right after hearing that, I immediately cried and told my parents all about it. My parents ...more

4 9th Grade

This was when I got my very first detention without any relation to homework just because I got caught calling someone stupid. Yet, a few weeks later, another student does the same thing and doesn't get a detention. That made me so damn angry that I actually wanted to slap the teacher in the face (and I don't usually think that kind of stuff.) And there was this one girl (I'll call her Girl E) who I had gotten into an argument twice during the year (and that rarely happens.) There was also this boy (I'll call him Boy E) who had used one of my highlighters without my permission and ended up butchering, or ruining, it. Because of this, we went to the Dean's room and we were separated during the rest of the year. And then there was a girl (I'll called her Girl F) who I used to like because she used to act so positive and happy (sort of like Spongebob, who I love.) That all changed when something happened: Me, her, and two other students (I'll call them Girl G and Boy F) were walking to ...more

5 6th Grade

I would've been find with this grade if a few students in my class weren't acting so immaturely rude to/about a boy named Boy A. There was one, though, that made me so angry, and I'll call her Girl H. Just the way Girl H acts annoyed by Boy A made it impossible for me to like her because she acts like a bratty, spoiled little girl when Boy A is even near her. She even got the nerve to tell Boy A to "act mature," though she doesn't do that near him.

6 8th Grade

This was the school year when I first felt isolated and a bit lonely, despite making a few friends. I also got into an argument with two girls (I forgot who.) It's only semi-low because there were more positives of this year than negatives. The positives being that I had Art class, I made a couple more friends, a friend I had in Kindergarden returned in my class, and all of my teachers.

7 10th Grade

For me, this grade is the best high school grade so far. The class I had was very lovable, along with my teachers. There were a few problems, but nothing major.

8 5th Grade

5th Grade was actually kinda fun, especially the clubs. Also this grade and 6th are the only grades where I actually liked English class. The only thing I didn't like about this grade was Reading class because it was difficult for me.

9 4th Grade

This grade was fine, though I don't really remember a lot of things that happened there.

10 1st Grade

There's literally nothing negative I can say about this grade. One of my personal favorites.