Top 10 Signs That You're Obsessed with Nintendo

There's being a casual fan of Nintendo, then there's being a obsessed Nintendo fan. DISCLAIMER: I have no problem with people that like Nintendo.
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1 You collect all of their consoles

Probably, the biggest and most noticeable sign of them all.

Well, I have a gamecube, 3DS, Wii, Wii U and Nintendo Switch, well that's a lot when I think about it - darthvadern

I have Nintendo consoles, but I also have a PS4, PS1, and an Xbox 360. - RadioHead03

I have a Game Boy Advance, the SP, a DS and a Wii but unfortunately the wii is broken.

I don't have the Wii U, 3DS or the 2DS because my mom thinks that I have too many consoles.

I ALMOST got the Switch but it couldn't play wii games so I didn't get it. (I wanted to replace my broken Wii)

2 You hate non Nintendo consoles, or video game franchises

A fairly obvious, and very concerning sign.

Not a fan on non-Nintendo consoles. However I think Sierra Entertainment is superior to Nintendo in a few ways - darthvadern

Doesn't apply to me. I like Playstation 4 games and Games on nintendo consoles..- B1ueNew

Not me. I love Sony exclusives and some Microsoft exclusives as well. - RadioHead03

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3 You have a weird sexual attraction to a Nintendo character

Which is, definitely NOT normal.

Don't have one luckily - darthvadern

I used to think that Samus/Zero Suit Samus was kinda cute. But can you blame me? - B1ueNew

4 You have a shrine dedicate to your favorite Nintendo character

Which is creepy, and downright cringey to say of the least.

What the hell? - RadioHead03

This reminds me of that one woman who was obsessed with Pikachu and had a full room of yellow Pikachu stuff - Nonpointed

5 You write Nintendo fanfictions

I'll just, let this item explain itself...

Luckily I don't do - darthvadern

6 You always defend Nintendo in a argument

Regardless, if it's a console war or something else.

I don't do it too often - darthvadern

7 You collect too many Amiibos

One or two is enough, anything past that is questionable.

Only have a light-blue yarn yoshi amiibo, and that's enough - darthvadern

Well I have a lot of Amiibos so... - RadioHead03

Well I have a Mario one, Zero Suit Samus one, A Villager one, Inkling Girl one. And the Mii ones. And a few more. - B1ueNew

8 You still collect Pokemon cards, even if you're a adult

Only bought one set of cards - darthvadern

Luckily I don't anymore. - RadioHead03

But do you know how to play the card game? - Nonpointed

9 You know everything about Nintendo and their games

Well, I know tons about mario, but not muh about their other series - darthvadern

10 You want every Nintendo game ever made

Well I actually want them to - darthvadern

Not really. Who would want a Virtual Boy? - RadioHead03