Top Ten Reasons Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 2 Is The Best Chapter

Bendy and the ink machine is an episodic survival horror game consisting of 5 chapters in one game, chapter two is one of these and I think it it the best on to find out why!
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The Top Ten

1 Sammy lawence reveal
2 Introduction to searchers
3 Harder challenges

Hardest chapter for me

4 The sewers
5 The searcher with the missing valve
6 TheMeatly Easter egg
7 When you play the organ and you hear a moaning voice

Play the organ 5 times and you will get an achievement - Coreforce

8 Ink Bendy jumpscare

*Gets an animatronic from another horror game* How 'bout this jumpscare?

9 Boris reveal
10 Wally frank’s second recording