Top Ten Reasons Why Adventure Time Should Have Been on Nickelodeon Instead of Cartoon Network

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1 The show would be better

Literally the only smart list you’ve ever made

2 Adventure time season 1 looks like a nickelodeon show


3 Nickelodeon would have stopped milking Spongebob

And Adventure Time would have The Loud House in 2016 to help keep Nick successful - codgtamk34

4 It would end Nickelodeon’s dark era

I agree - Pokemonfan10

5 The pilot was on nicktoons and not Cartoon Network
6 Cartoon Network was already successful with the regular show and gumball so nickelodeon could’ve had adventure time to compete with the regular show and gumball

This is actually one good possibility. Adventure Time and SpongeBob vs Regular Show and Gumball - codgtamk34

7 Adventure time could’ve been a 2000s show instead of 2010s

Adventure time could’ve aired in october 2009 instead of April 2010 - Breadwinnersislofe

8 It could’ve of had better plot

I don't know about that one... - Pokemonfan10

There probably wouldn't be any continuity like the CN version had - codgtamk34

9 Adventure time could of had tv y7 rating instead of tv pg
10 Adventure time just fits more on Nickelodeon and nicktoons than Cartoon Network

Also the theme song would be a rap song - Breadwinnersislofe

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11 The theme song would be a rap song