Reasons Why You Should Get a Mullet Haircut

Mullet haircuts are awesome. You should get one.
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The Top Ten

1 It's one of the best haircuts of all time

It's my favorite haircut of all time. - Caillou_is_awesome

Paul McCartney used to have this hairstyle. lol - Misfire

Bowl haircuts are better

2 It's unique

Probably the most unique haircut of all time. - Caillou_is_awesome

3 Most people like it

Most people want a haircut like that. - Caillou_is_awesome

4 It's one of the coolest haircuts of all time

Mullets are cool and awesome. - Caillou_is_awesome

5 Business in the front, party in the back

Am I right? - Caillou_is_awesome

Loved that one, LOL - Metal_Treasure

6 Some bikers have a mullet haircut

That's why bikers are awesome. - Caillou_is_awesome

7 There's several mullet styles

You can have long mullets, short mullets and etc... - Caillou_is_awesome

8 It makes you look tough

Mullets make you look strong. - Caillou_is_awesome

Lol this made me laugh

9 It keeps your neck warm during the winter

No need for a scarf. - Caillou_is_awesome

10 It'll make you look like a hair model

A lot of hair models have a mullet haircut. - Caillou_is_awesome