10 Things You May or May Not Know About Luckys

Things that you may not know about me.
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1 She doesn't like heavy metal

I like modern music, don't throw a knife at me. - Luckys

I am sorry to say but I don't like how much you hate metal. I think you overhate it a little bit. - DrayTopTens

My favourite, but I respect your opinion. - Peppapigsucks

I love metal but I respect your opinion. I also like a lot of modern music too. - BananaBrain

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2 She's in sixth grade

Same here - DarkBoi-X

And I’m a sophomore in High School. - MrCoolC

I am currently in 7th grade - DrayTopTens

3 I have a twin brother

Cool! Do you sometimes forget his birthday? Jk lol - Misfire

4 She stutters

The struggle is real! - Luckys

That is something, but there's nothing wrong with it. Its normal if you can't fluently speak completely I have seen many others with this disorder. - htoutlaws2012

Nothing's wrong with stuttering to be honest. - Misfire

I used to stutter a lot - BananaBrain

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5 Most of her family are from West Africa
6 She likes Indie pop

Don't judge. - Luckys

I like some indie, usually after I listen to too much hard rock/metal, and I feel like something calm for once. I find it more appealing than the more mainstream pop. - yungstirjoey666

Who's the best indie pop artist? - RoseWeasley

I'm not a fan of indie anymore. Don't shoot me - Peppapigsucks

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7 She's never left the state Texas till she was 10

My mom and dad are divorced and my dad lives in Maryland last year in July my siblings went to Maryland. I have stayed my whole life in Texas for 10 years. I'm 11. - Luckys

8 Her favorite color is Seafoam green

1.Seafoam Green
Doesn't like purple - Luckys

Interesting color scheme of choice at least its not turquoise. - htoutlaws2012

It's a nice color - yungstirjoey666

9 She plays an overrated/hated game

I'm not saying what. - Luckys

I finally figured out; it's Roblox - yungstirjoey666

A-HA! Roblox? - Peppapigsucks

It must be Minecraft. - Userguy44

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10 She lost her phone

I know it sounds like I'm selfish or whatever the word is, but I'm not. - Luckys

Darn - LightningStrike

Can't lose a phone when you don't have a phone. - MrCoolC

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