Things Religious People Need to Understand About Atheists

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1 We don't think you're brainwashed

Most of us atheists don't think that your brainwashed, well any more than any other person on the planet, when we talk about religious brainwashing we are talking about certain religious people that show behaviors like a brainwashed person.
Those that refuse to watch certain types of movies, listen to certain type of music, or act like the whole world is against them or that they have an obligation to convert people over out of fear of God's judgement or their communities judgement, where their whole life revolves around the idea of going to Heaven - germshep24

I only think scientologists are brainwashed. No offense.

2 We aren't religious because we like to sin

We are Atheist because we see no proof in a concept of a God, not because we are rebelling against said God How can we rebel against something we don't think exists - germshep24

Well said. Personally, I see much evidence against it. I have friends that are deeply convicted Christians, and we have come to an understanding of sorts. We no longer discuss religious beliefs. For my part, its just silly, for theirs, they accept I am damned to eternal torment. Its great they have something to fall back on, and I feel its great for me to not waste any time repenting for my supposed sins. We're all flawed, imperfect beings, I guess I'd rather spend time learning to not make the same mistakes than asking for absolution. - CyberRat

3 We don't want want to get rid of religion

We just don't like the negative things that come from religion: those that use God's name to spread hate: like saying that homosexuality is a sin or women are property, or start wars because of their religion - germshep24

4 We are not closed to the idea of a god

If a religious person can provide some good evidence we are completely willing to reconsider our position - germshep24

See I agree with these items except for this one. If you believe in a higher power just not a religious God than you are agnostic, like Einstein. But I have met tons of atheists that will just instantly deny God and they don't really give me a chance to state a claim. - 2storm

It really depends on how you approach this issue as atheists we have heard almost every argument. Think about it this way if a Muslim came to you and talked, if he is calm and respectful and you guys are casually having a conversation about religion, you are more inclined to listen to their reasoning you might not change religions but there may be that possibly.
For me the idea of an all good God that wants a personal relationship with me I am pretty set that this type of God doesn't exists and the scriptures for me just don't do anything to convince me that the God of it is real. The idea of just a God creating all the universe sounds cool but ultimately doesn't matter and therefore isn't important to believe in or not to me.
There is nothing saying that an atheist can't be agnostic - germshep24

I believe in reincarnation, but other than that believe in nothing else spiritual. Am I an atheist...?

Actually, an atheist would very likely be closed to the idea of a god. Those who find the existence of a god highly questionable, yet don’t completely shut down the idea, would be considered agnostic. - Archived

5 We were not born atheist

Most of use were raised in a certain religion and later became atheist, this might be because we saw incongruity in what we were taught or we just were apart of an overbearing religious family or church - germshep24

I was raised Christian, my two neighbors on the right and left of me were christian and very friendly, one of them was a christian author, but just for me something about what I was taught felt off. I had read the Bible through its entirety three times and it didn't help, even read the the non-king James version (I think the International version) that was a study Bible that had answers to questions that a nonbeliever might have, information about other religions, and some of the historical landmarks from the bible - germshep24

Well...not all of us. - Archived

6 We do not think you're stupid

We all have difference reasons why we believe what we believe, we understand some are religious because they like the idea of a God, while others have some good reasoning for why they are religious, just like some of use atheist don't believe in a God for valid reason and others just don't like how God is represented in the scripture - germshep24

I, for one, love religion from an academic standpoint. There’s so much to learn from the established traditions and culture of ancient religions. - Archived

I do love the poetry that comes from from the scripture and some of the philosophical aspects can be interesting - germshep24

7 We understand that religion has also given us positive things

We don't think all religion is bad and we acknowledge that there is plenty of advances in science because of religious people - germshep24

That is something most atheists don't understand as well, which is sad, but that's just the very closed minded atheists. - RogerMcBaloney

Just because an atheist points out the negatives of religious scientists trying so desperately to twist science to make the idea of intelligent design or creationism sound plausible doesn't mean they don't understand theist contribution to varying scholarly fields.
When religion is doing a lot of negative things in the scientific community at the moment: denying climate change and evolution despite the overwhelming evidence for both - germshep24

8 We don't want to convert you

If you are happy with your religion and your believes help you with your addictions or whatever other hardships your going through we are genuinely happy for you - germshep24

For the most part I try to respect atheists (Not the ones who attack Christian people) however most Christians tend to try and convert everyone even though they might not want to which kind of gives the religion a bad reputation - Randomator

I've seriously never seen a single Christian try to convert anybody. - RogerMcBaloney

9 Not all atheist have the same beliefs

I'm an atheist, but I believe in reincarnation not every atheist does though. - XxembermasterxX

That's cool, do you believe you have been reincarnated before or would your death mark mark your first - germshep24

True. For instance, I do believe in aspects of Zen Buddhism, where we are asked to become one with our surroundings, with nature. To become a part of the cosmos, and not a being void of direction, or purpose. - CyberRat

10 We don't hate religion

We hate people that use religion to manipulate people: whether that be by slamming the concept of hell and quilt on its people, manipulate them into giving out a ton of hard earned cash, or refusing to let their members interact with the those outside of their congregation - germshep24

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11 We are not evil

To the contrary, I find, by and large, more reasonable understanding, and compassion towards others among my "non-believer" friends. I don't know any Satan worshippers. - CyberRat

Boy, I wrote this some time ago.
I grew up around some very bad people. There's no doubt that many of them continued to live this very same lifestyle long after I left the area and are either imprisoned or dead. Some were young and impressionable, and some were just plain awful human beings, that got off on the suffering of others. There's no religious connotation to connect to it, they are, for whatever reasons, evil people. To me, I'd be pretty sure the concept of good and evil was among us long before any religion was invented to lead the people towards the good.
But we will never know that to any degree of certainty, its just another thing I believe, and obviously I at some point made that decision on, dare I say, faith. Its pretty obvious, to me, these concepts, faith, good and evil were a part of the human condition long before religion. - CyberRat

I'm Agnostic but seriously atheists get too much hate and so do religious people.As far as I'm concerned in terms of being evil,religion historically,has been a bigger evil than atheism.Of course I know not all religious people are bad but I'm just saying. - DarkBoi-X

12 Atheism isn't a religion

We do not have scriptures, we do not have a set of rules we must follow as an athiest - germshep24

Finally, someone said it. Religion is not simply a belief system. It is a system of tradition, moral value, ethics, organizations, sanctions, texts, etc. Atheists do not associate with one established system, and thus cannot be considered a singular religion. - Archived

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