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1 School isn’t bad

I not a fan of school but it’s important. We need to learn, so we can figure out our maths, learn new words, go to collage, graduate from college, and get a job. School is very important. - RadioHead03

Yes it is because they indoctrinate you and sell you on a lie. - RobertWisdom

School almost made me commit suicide because I was bullied and the teachers hated me edit: I went too far with the suicide - HaloFanboy

Sorry to hear that. It's horrible when everyone hates you at school. - Userguy44

Well, school can be fun, but and sometimes it's boring/stressful. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

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2 I hate airplane travel

I can't stand airplanes. The seats are uncomfortable, the bathrooms suck, you can sit next to some weird people, sleeping on an airplane is uncomfortable, and everything else. But at least I have Plus I always worry the airplane will crash. I don't want to die a horrible death, I want to die peacefully. I know that rarely happens, but you never know. - RadioHead03

Who dosen't. - egnomac

The only things I hate about airplane travelling are crying kids, turbulence and other annoying people in a plane. - Userguy44

What? - LightningStrike

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3 Halloween is overrated

I don't hate it, I think it’s overrated. The spooky things aren't really that scary in my opinion. I also find it annoying when I hear knocks on my door from Trick Or Treaters. I mean that’s not a bad thing, but I wanna relax sometimes. Oh and some costumes are pretty cringy. I don't hate Halloween, I kinda like it, but Christmas, and Thanksgiving are better holidays in my opinion. - RadioHead03

Yeah. Buying so much candy just for kids and getting to see mostly cringe costumes is not my type. I'd rather just be home at eat turkish delight - darthvadern

Vstly overrated! - RobertWisdom

Agreed. I like it, but it isn't by far my favourite holiday. - Userguy44

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4 Uber & Lyft both suck

I’m sorry but ride sharing sucks. Not to mention that Uber, and Lyft drivers are pretty bad drivers. Well I don't think all of them are bad, but the ones in my area are bad. They drive so slow, and their always on their phone while driving. Put down the phone, and focus on the road please. - RadioHead03

Uber is so overrated. - Userguy44

Eh, They have been in the news lately. Not for good reasons, though. - kcianciulli

5 I don’t like Steven Universe

The first few episodes were good, then it got weird. - RadioHead03

I'm not a big fan of the first half of season 1, but everything after that got really good. - KeyboardHero

Tell me about it. - LightningStrike

Me neither - Breadwinnersislofe

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6 Self Driving Cars are stupid

I’ll never buy one. You see what happens. - RadioHead03

They can crash. - Userguy44

Technology is still going. We just have to wait for another 10 or 20 years or something. - LightningStrike

What’s the point of owning a car if you can't drive it? I completely agree with you. - Camaro6

It's for new technology, but there are too much risks and I wonder if everyone would approve to fully invent this idea - Userguy44

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7 Powerslave isn’t the best Iron Maiden album

Don't get me wrong, it’s an awesome album but Somewhere In Time, and Piece Of Mind are my favorites. - RadioHead03

I need to listen more Maiden. - Userguy44

I like number of the (best) - LightningStrike

I don't care. - kcianciulli

8 One More Light isn’t a bad album

I’ve listened to it. Okay, it’s not the best Linkin Park album, but it’s decent. - RadioHead03

I agree. - TheDarkOne_221b

I agree.

I need to listen to more Linkin Park. I'm not there yet. - LightningStrike

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9 Some Dubstep can be good

I’ve listened to some really great Dubstep remixes, and not all of them are bad. Even though i’m not a fan of Dubstep, there are some great remixes out there. - RadioHead03

I can't stand all Dubstep though, but I respect your opinion. - Userguy44

Sure - LightningStrike

Again, I don't like Dubstep, but there are some good remixes like the Lost Woods one from Zelda: Orcarina Of Time. - RadioHead03

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10 Some EA Sports games are great

Fifa sucks, and Madden is alright. But the NHL series is where it’s at. - RadioHead03

Agreed - LightningStrike

EA’s dick.
It’s in your butt! - HaloFanboy

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1. School isn’t bad
2. I don’t like Steven Universe
3. I hate airplane travel
1. School isn’t bad
2. I hate airplane travel
3. Halloween is overrated


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