Top Ten (or so) Vocaloid Voice Providers

These are in order in my personal favorite. Vote on it. Remix in order of your preference. Thanks guys!!!
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The Top Ten

1 Megumi Nakajima

Gumi Megpoid, my favorite Vocaloid. - NemesisMegurineSudou

2 Yuu Asakawa

Luka Megurine, my second favorite. - NemesisMegurineSudou

3 Asami Shimoda

Len Kagamine, my favorite male VOICE. - NemesisMegurineSudou

4 Meiko Haigō

MEIKO - NemesisMegurineSudou

5 Kiyoshi Hiyama

Hiyama Kiyoteru, my favorite male DESIGN. - NemesisMegurineSudou

6 Naoto Fuuga

Kaito Shion - NemesisMegurineSudou

7 Saki Fujita

Miku Hatsune - NemesisMegurineSudou

8 Gakuto Kamui

Gakupo Kamui - NemesisMegurineSudou

9 Lia
10 Kyounosuke Yoshitate

Iroha Nekomura - NemesisMegurineSudou