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1 Rustlers and anti-rustlers are both equally obnoxious.

"Rustlers are so annoying! "

"Anti-rustlers are far worse."

Both of them suck hard. I will never support either group and they've been ruining and devolving this damn site for years now. Rustlers because of how unbelievably douchey they are with criticism, and anti-rustlers because of how oversensitive they are at times.

Now I'm sorta semi-karian (anti-rustler) but I agree. Hardcore anti rustlers are pretentious people acting like they know everything, whereas hardcore rustlers are edgelords who can't give constructive criticism - darthvadern

I semi-agree. - MrCoolC

I agree. Both have flaws and have done wrong things. I’m neutral to both. - Userguy44

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2 Special snowflakes and edgelords are both equally annoying.

I hate both these groups of people. Snowflakes because they think the world revolves around them, and edgelords because they try way too hard to tick people off. Both of them have ruined this generation and made it look even worse than it already was.
Heck, put them both together and you get edgeflakes (the worst of the worst).

Special Snowflake’s are annoying know it alls. - RadioHead03

3 Urban Dictionary is a good website.

I mean if you can look past the more stupid definitions, you'll actually find a lot of really accurate and intelligent ones.

It's one of the funniest websites I've ever been on - bookworm23

I use it from time to time and it's helpful for some less known slang words. - Metal_Treasure

It's hilarious. - EvanTheNerd

4 Political correctness and political incorrectness are both equally bad.

It's bad enough the damn world is overly PC but it's not like political incorrectness is any better either (basically it can also lead to douchebags who are overtly racist, sexist, ageist, and advocate for Hitler, Stalin and other historical monsters).

5 Harsher criticism can only be used towards those who've actually done more serious and immoral things.

I DON'T however think that it should be used towards those who've done things that are less serious and less harmful (sure they may be stupid but at least they're not harming anyone. That to me is when people should definitely constructive criticism instead).

Pretty sure that's correct. Harsh criticism should be delivered to the right people, otherwise it doesn't get that constructive - darthvadern

I agree with this but from my experience on this site, usually good users get harsh criticism for nothing and even get bullied while most of the bad users don't get any criticism at all. I mean, look around right now: a particular group of users view trolls as something good that helps the site improve (?! ) and keep going (?! ). Yeah, going downhill. Seems some people lost their mind and certainly have no criteria for good and bad. - Metal_Treasure

6 The word "faggot" is not a homophobic slur anymore.

I know a lot of people still find the word bad but I personally think it's lost its original meaning now. I knew a lot of people growing up using the word in a derogatory manner but never towards homosexuals.

Heck, lots of people nowadays don't even use that word in a homophobic manner anymore. Times change and language is always changing (some controversial words only carry a stigma if society allows them too. That's all I'm gonna say).

I agree. It's actually a music instrument. Facts! (It's actually the swedish word for bassoon, fun fact) - darthvadern

7 Glam metal is far worse than nu metal.

Agreed - bookworm23

8 Masturbation can be more harmful than good.

I thought I was the only one who thinks this. - Userguy44

9 I don't find trolls funny.

That DOESN'T mean I try to feed them though. But I don't think they're funny and I really don't think we should be encouraging trolling at all.
Plus, most are already getting suspended for trolling anyway. I really didn't think I'd have to explain this again but here it goes. If you know something you do is gonna get you in trouble, DON'T do it. I don't care if you're trying to be edgy qnd controversial, don't do any of it in the first place. Doing edgy stuff doesn't make you a better user, it just makes you an a-hole.

A lot of recent TTT trolls are in my opinion just dull and repetitive. Everyone of them just either rips off BTDR or are simply idiots - darthvadern

I don't find trolls funny either. Adding troll items to people's list isn't funny at all. Annoying troll comments to other people's lists are unfunny, too. Trolls who make troll lists are less annoying to me because they are avoidable - you just don't view those lists and don't feed the trolls. But these troll lists are cheap attempts at getting votes, comments and attention. Pretty low level material for the most part. - Metal_Treasure

10 I believe in the law of attraction.

In case you don't know what it is, it's a theory that the more you focus on a thought (whether good or bad), the more it becomes reality. Some of you may find it absurd but I honestly couldn't care less. It has helped me out with anxiety and depression in life so it's highly unlikely that I'll ever give it up.

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11 I prefer cyborgs over robots.

Robots are cool and all, but I know for sure that I never wanna be born as one considering how robots aren't even alive and could possibly never make into heaven (I'm a spiritual atheist by the way. I'm no longer Christian just to let you know).

Yeah same here - darthvadern

12 All decades (including the 1990s) are bad in every way.

I honestly regret making that list of Things We Can Hope For in the 2020s because people should know by this point that EVERY decade has bad things happen (people who grew up in the 80s comolained about the 90s, and people who are growing up in the 2010s are gonna complain about the 2020s).

13 Memes were much better when they were less mainstream.

Meh never cared for them - darthvadern

14 People really shouldn't be online all the time.

So true. I'm working on that but it's hard for me. I think I'm an Internet addict...And it's dumb because I've never had any other addictions. - Metal_Treasure

I’m pretty addicted, but when there is something important, i’ll do something for more useful. - Userguy44

15 Samurai Jack and Avatar: The Last Airbender are the only Western cartoons that I think are good.

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1. Harsher criticism can only be used towards those who've actually done more serious and immoral things.
2. Special snowflakes and edgelords are both equally annoying.
3. I don't find trolls funny.
1. Glam metal is far worse than nu metal.
2. Masturbation can be more harmful than good.
3. Special snowflakes and edgelords are both equally annoying.


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