Best Songs Off of Submarine Man's No Stockingz

Submarine Man is a amazing rapper. His lyrics are so inspirational and make me cry, especially his beautifully made song Mo Foota. He sounds so beautiful that he deserves a number one hit and a Grammy.I love his music and you should too.

April Fools homies
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The Top Ten

1 Mo Foota

Honestly, this one I honestly like, it's actually better than the original, as both are extremely obnoxious and in so-bad-it's good territory, except Submarine Man sounds more tolerable than Shek Wes. Last time I'm ever complementing this hack.

2 Look at My Feet!

Now from here on they all suck. It's up here because of the X sample.

3 NoStockingz
4 Stinko Foot
5 Sese
6 I Love The Smelly Feet
7 Socks Off
8 Unforgivable

The title describes this completely well

9 Wake Up in the Foot
10 Shave that Stinky Head