Best Songs Off of Lil Meerkat's Weeaboo Paradise

Lil Meerkat is the most wonderful artists out there. His lyrics take on the meanings of Ed Sheeran, except ten times better. It sounds like Castle On The Hill and Drunk had a child.His voice is so calm and soothing it sounds like Ed Sheeran and Khalid had a child. He's such a good rapper that Eminem,the king of rap would hide his face in shame.Lil Meerkat has the best music ever in the world.His music helps many people through hard times,like Logic's 1-800,execpt it does a better job because his lyrics are so inspirational.Even Donald Trump loves this music! Lil Meerkat is the best artist is the world, and ya'll better agree with me.

Happy April Fools people.
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The Top Ten

1 I Got 14 Dollars

This is good (? ) because there is a legend called Trippie Redd here. Wish is better though - oneshot

3 You Ain't Rich Like Me

Yeah,I have 20 dollars, so I'm richer. - oneshot

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4 Sanic the Legend (Skirt Skirt) UListen to Sample
5 Bohemian Rhapsody

This is his masterpiece. So much better than that awful cover by Queen. - Userguy44

6 My Discord Hella Lit UListen to Sample
7 My Life
8 Anime Waifu
9 Infinite Bodypillows
10 You Know, Sonic Is Pretty Hot

Haha meerkat gay

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