Top 10 Reason Why Apextv are Definitely Fake on YouTube

Mostly of people don't understand about Time traveler. Everyone are hating comments on YouTube or news! Some of Apextv videos are definitely fake or real!?! Like Noah is a time traveler from the year 2030 and even Philips from the year 2075. They were talking about WW3, Time travel released to the public in 2028, Yolanda Renee King will be President in the year 2030, Increasing rising sea levels, Global Warming, North Korea Missiles, Artificial intelligence, Future Phones and Cars, Chip that you can connect to brains and Alien lands at 2028.
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The Top Ten

1 Time Travelers are definitely nothing and Fake
2 Lie Detector are nothing
3 Blurr at face
4 Showing Pictures is not real
5 Nothing Happends at Today after time traveler shows about warnings in the future
6 Voice are hidden
7 Not bringing future phones
8 Time Machine are hidden at the secret base
9 Using Alcohol and Drugs
10 Using Photoshops to make pictures without Real