Top 10 Terrible Movie Remakes

You ever hate the feeling about a classic film being remade? I have that feeling. Let’s take a look at some terrible movie remakes!
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The Top Ten

1 Fantastic Four

This is one of the worst comic book films I’ve ever seen! The previous films weren’t good, but at least they were more fun than this train wreck! This film is ashamed of its source material, as the name “Forgettable 4” is never mentioned on screen at all! The character design for The Thing is horrible! He doesn’t even wear pants like in his previous incarnations! Most of the film is just boring conversations in rooms with the lights turned off! It tries to be dark and mature, but it only makes it dull and soulless! The acting is horrible! The cast has no chemistry whatsoever even though this is a film about a family of superheroes. The cast was also very miscast! The characters were unlikable and dumb as the only reason they go into the teleportation machine that mutates them is because they wanted the fame. The CGI and special effects were jarring! The film has a HUGE lack of action! There’s only ONE action scene! It’s where the Forgettable 4 face off against Doctor ...more - nicolasb5194

Yeah hey, good call. How many chances do film makers need to get the Fantastic 4 right? - CyberRat

A travesty is a word to describe this movie. - RadioHead03

2 Godzilla (1998)

This film was a huge insult to watch for Godzilla fans! That giant creature was totally NOT Godzilla. It was just Zilla! Completely unworthy of having “God” in its name! This was just a stupid ripoff of Jurassic Park! I absolutely hate the way Godzilla was treated and portrayed in this atrocity! His CGI design even sucked! He looked like a dinosaur from Jurassic Park! He looked awful! I hate Matthew Broderick’s character and his dumb character’s stupid, annoying ex-girlfriend! They’re names aren’t even important, that’s how horrible and unlikable the characters are! I honestly wanted Matthew Broderick and Maria Pitillo’s characters to die! I hated them so much! They were annoying, unlikable, and obnoxious! Godzilla ends up getting killed by four missiles! FOUR missiles alone were enough to kill him in this film! I hate this film so much! This is not only the worst Godzilla movie, but it’s also one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen! Thank god for the 2014 film! - nicolasb5194

I remember liking this movie but that was when I was 4 years old. Why did I like it? - RadioHead03

As a life long Godzilla fan, this is exactly what the character never was. It is honestly amazing how wrong Devlin and Emmerich got on the character. All this was was a pro America/military Jurassic park rip off. As a standard kaiju movie, not that bad, as a godzilla flick, abomination. - RustyNail

3 The Wicker Man

Horrendous! That is the word for how this film projects itself! Even the cast is terrible! Nicolas Cage, in which probably his unintentional worst performance, is exceedingly over the top as Edward, giving a particular laughable outcome, especially with the “NOT THE BEES! ” scene in what is supposed to be to torturous! And that is a major problem with this story! The story and structure is downright appalling and unforgiving throughout! Dream sequences make and add zero sense! The epilogue is disgustingly none opposed of setting up a sequel, and it’s sickening! Not only is this remake unnecessary, it’s not even serious! This film is outright funny at some parts unintentionally. This film is literally a joke! There are no frightening moments, or even remotely scary moments! A film like this would have so much potential, but unfortunately, it comes off as one of the horror remakes. - nicolasb5194

NOT THE BEES! - RadioHead03

As far as remakes are concerns this movie in some ways are better than the original, Nicole Cage is absolutely insane in this movie and it kind of works in all the wrong ways. It is the Room of remakes - germshep24

4 Planet of the Apes (2001)

The 1968 film was such a classic film! But wow, what a way to kill the mood set by the original franchise! This is where Tim Burton’s directing started to decline.this is not just a bad film, but it totally ignores anything that happened in the previous films, and makes a plot so inconsistent and incoherent that I just did not care what happened to any of the characters in the end! Mark Wahlberg, as the only thing that intrigued me to watch this, and turns out, he’s actually one of the worst parts! The only things commendable is that the costume design and makeup look great, and the special effects are nice. If you think you need to watch this film, do it knowing what you’re in for. - nicolasb5194

5 The Mummy (2017)

I haven’t seen the other Mummy movies with Brendan Fraser, but they look way better than this! This fails at being both a film and the start of the Dark Universe. The script is atrocious, it feels like lots of separate scenes mashed together while trying to set up lots of future sequels that probably won’t happen. The acting is mostly bad. Tom Cruise is surprisingly bland, bringing no charm to the character at all causing him to be rather unlikable. The film is terribly directed with an incoherent plot, awful action, and an abundance of unfunny comedy. Speaking of comedy, the film doesn’t know what it wants to be. One moment it’s a dark horror, and the next is an action/comedy. It’s wildly inconsistent! Ahmanet’s motivations are very convoluted. She wants revenge against all mankind just because a baby brother is born? Although, I thought Russel Crows as Dr. Jekyll was pretty good, and it can be entertaining at times and have some good moments. Overall, this is a dull ...more - nicolasb5194

Terrible. A waste of time. - RadioHead03

This is not bad. This is super bad. - TriggerTrashKid

This was a disappointment. I was so interested in seeing Tom Cruise in a Mummy remake but the writing in this film was awful! - Mcgillacuddy

6 Ghostbusters (2016)

I’m not really the biggest fan of Ghostbusters. I thought the first one was a pretty good film, but the sequel was pretty bad. This one is absolute garbage! What an insult to not just the original, but to the fans! The main problem with this film is the forced political agendas! Where the female characters are strong and smart while the male characters are idiotic and dumb! The film feels like a complete rehash of the original film! Our main characters are portrayed as completely obnoxious, have a severe lack of chemistry and have no charisma like the original Ghostbusters had in the 1984 film and the sequel! The cameo appearances are pointless, especially cameos from Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd! Heck, even Kevin Malone’s cameo from The Office was pointless! The humor comes off as juvenile as there’s flatulent jokes, burp jokes and sex jokes, which weren’t featured in the previous two films! The acting is pretty bad! All four girls didn’t even made one tolerable performance! ...more - nicolasb5194

Please, no more female remakes. - RadioHead03

Proves trying to be woke is more important in Hollywood than making a good movie.

This movie actually isn't as bad as people make it out to be, sure the role reversal may make people hate this movie, see empowered women and a lead male that is just there to be objectified could be very uncomfortable for some. Don't get me wrong it isn't a fantastic movie I'd probably say it is a 7/10 movie - germshep24

7 A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)

I’m a big fan of Wes Craven! The original was amazing! This film is utterly an abomination! It can’t lay a candle to any of the unpretentious sequels! The film is a cheap replica of the original film! The acting is lazy and uninterested, the score is terrible, and it relies far too much on jumpscares in an attempt to be frightening! The original had a few jumpscares, but they were executed brilliantly! Every shot that is similar to the first one is usually just CGI, missing the innovation and charm of the practical effects. Freddy is also very out of character! He isn’t as funny as he was in the original films. They apparently tried to take him back to the more serious way he was shown in the early films, but ended up going too far and making him totally humorless! The ending is also really stupid! Being a fan of Wes Craven, it’s an insult that can’t compare in anyway to the most igneous and brilliant slasher film of all time. - nicolasb5194

8 King Kong (2005)

I know some people like this film, but it just didn’t work for me. The runtime is insanely overly long. It takes forever for an action scene to happen and takes forever for King Kong to show up. It took like an hour and a half for the characters to show up to Skull Island. The forced romance between Kong and Naomi Watts’ character was completely unnecessary and it dragged on for too long. Why did Peter Jackson made King Kong a giant gorilla instead of a giant Sasquatch like he was in the original? The CGI for King Kong even looks pretty dated and hasn’t aged that well. The human characters were boring and uninteresting. The ending also really sucked. There’s way too many filler scenes and some extra details that weren’t absolutely necessary. There’s some good things about this film. Andy Serkis does an excellent job with the motion capture for Kong, the action scenes are enjoyable, Kong is able to convey a lot of emotion with his body language, and the miniature sets are ...more - nicolasb5194

Glad to see someone else who didn't like this one. Bloated and empty, and the FX were pretty terrible even in 2005. The original still works. - truckturner

I liked it. - RadioHead03

This has KongyBoi it is good - TriggerTrashKid

9 Halloween (2007)

The original Halloween was incredible! This one was so bad! Unlike the original, we get to see Michael growing up as a kid. And the thing that I noticed right off the bat is that making him grow up in an unstable environment ruins the character! The film also gives him way too much character, which just takes away the mysterious evil that lurks within him. The fact that Michael (as a child) talks takes away what made him so intimidating. Also the fact that Michael actually cares about his long-lost sister, Laurie Strode, instead of trying to kill her is another disloyalty to Michael’s character. Michael is basically ruined in this remake! A few of the characters from Michael’s childhood are extremely unlikable and are basically the reason he became who he is. Some of the scenes are completely stolen from the original! Like how Michael stalks Laurie outside her window at school and disappears in the next shot. A few of the characters have changed significantly. Like Lynda who was a ...more - nicolasb5194

It was fine - TriggerTrashKid

10 Annie (2014)

I don’t really consider the original Annie to be one of my favorite films, but I find it to be a good film. This remake isn’t exactly awful like people make it out to be, but it’s still pretty bad. It has poor loyalty to the source material. The original film was about a genuine social problem. This one is a manufactured story which doesn’t really add anything. The remake seems to miss the point of the original was that you can be happy no matter what you have. It also doesn’t know if it wants to be different from or the same as the original. The actors were wasted in this film. Which is sad because these actors are really great! The acting was poor. I felt that the comedy felt forced. The orphan girls were unlikable. And not to be racist, they made Annie a black girl as the original was white. THIS IS CONSIDERED BLACKWASHING! AND BLACKWASHING CAN GIVE YOU BAD RATINGS! Annie was honestly really annoying. There were also some plot holes like Annie not knowing how to read but ...more - nicolasb5194

I thought I was the only one who noticed about the reading thing. I was very confused when it said she couldn't read but then she had read a letter out loud before. - Misfire

I've never watched the original, but I did watch this one. It's not that bad, just forgettable, if I'm going to be honest. - Misfire

Honestly an Annie Remake doesn’t sound like a bad idea. But this was honestly kinda bad. Not as terrible as people say though. - RadioHead03