Most Shocking Deaths of 2019

What's the most shocking death you've ever heard in 2019?

I redone the list because I need to add Doris Day in the list.
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The Top Ten

1 Luke Perry Luke Perry
2 Doris Day Doris Day Doris Day, born Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff (April 3, 1922 or 1924) is a retired American actress and singer, and continuing animal welfare activist.

No Grumpy Cat? - Userguy44

Oh, I forget to add him into the list, sorry, I redid the list a day before his death. - SpinelliFan

3 Carol Channing Carol Channing
4 Albert Finney Albert Finney
5 Peter Tork Peter Tork
6 Frank Robinson Frank Robinson
7 Scott Walker Scott Walker Scott Walker is an American-born British singer-songwriter, composer and record producer. He is noted for his distinctive baritone voice and for the unorthodox career path which has taken him from 1960s pop icon to 21st-century avant-garde musician.
8 Nipsey Hussle Nipsey Hussle
9 Andre Previn
10 Julie Adams