Top 10 Reasons Why Luna Loud is Better Than Luigi

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The Top Ten

1 Luigi is boring

I bet this will really piss off you Luigi fans out there I flat out hate that no talent Shmuck, I didn't even like Luna or The Loud House until a certain user came around now I'm gonna piss you off all I want. - Suplexcity101

2 Luna Has More Personality
3 Luna is More Popular

LOL no. - TheAwesomeBowser

4 Luna Plays the Guitar

Hey, so do I. Notice me senpai! - TheAwesomeBowser

5 Luigi is Overrated
6 Luigi is Just a Side Character

So? - TheAwesomeBowser

7 Luna is a Better Fighter Then Luigi

If Luna's such a good fighter then why isn't she in Smash LOL. - TheAwesomeBowser

8 Luna Has a Rocking Personality

So pushing an agenda in a kids show is "rocking"? I don't think so, sorry. - TheAwesomeBowser

9 Luigi is a Coward

If he's such a coward then why does he ghost-bust mansions? - TheAwesomeBowser

10 Luna is a Better Role Model