Top 10 Films of the 21st Century

Honourable mentions: "The Babadook", "Minority Report", "Rango", "Funny People", and "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World".
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The Top Ten

1 Lord of the Rings the Two Towers

I've tried to limit the list to one entry per film series, and this for me was the best of the trilogy. - truckturner

Everything in the trilogy is amazing! I love it! - Misfire

2 Star Wars The Force Awakens

I actually really enjoyed "The Last Jedi", but this was definitely better. - truckturner

Finally! A person who doesn’t hate the Disney Star Wars movies with a burning passion! - Misfire

Pay no attention to the whiny fan-babies. I don't even hate the prequels, though they haven't aged well. "Solo" was disappointing though. - truckturner

3 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The smartest and most inventive romance film I've seen in many a year. - truckturner

4 War of The Worlds (2005)

Spielberg's post-9/11 alien invasion film is actually pretty terrifying, with Tom Cruise playing the perfect deadbeat father forced to act his age. - truckturner

5 Frailty

Bill Paxton knocked it out of the park as director/star of this Southern Gothic minor masterpiece. - truckturner

6 Black Hawk Down

A really immersive, wonderfully made military film. - truckturner

7 Stranger Than Fiction

It's like Douglas Adams meets Charlie Kaufman. Clever stuff. - truckturner

8 We Were Soldiers

Rock-solid war film, and not pro-war like you might think from Mel Gibson. Sam Elliott steals the film. - truckturner

9 Gone Girl

Riveting mystery with Ben Affleck kinda sorta playing a fictionalised Scott Peterson. - truckturner

10 Moonlight

Genuinely moving, at times quite surprising. - truckturner