Top 10 NFL Game-Losing Decisions

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The Top Ten

1 Pete Carroll Pete Carroll

Down 28-24, the Seahawks had the ball at the two-yard line. They could've and should've run the ball with Marshawn Lynch. But Caroll elected to throw the ball. Russell Wilson did throw the ball... to the Patriots' Malcolm Butler for the Super Bowl-sealing win. - BUETBU91

What he wanted is to give Wilson the winning touchdown after that what ever that juggling catch was before the play you know because the quarterback is supposed to be the star of the team and are supposed to get all the glory (unless your Adrian Peterson) but sadly wasn't meant to be - RawIsgore

The worst play call in NFL history, hands down. - PackFan2005

2 Bill Belichick Bill Belichick

Up 34-28, New England had the ball inside their own 30-yard line. Instead of punting the ball, Bill Belichick chose to go for it. The Patriots came up a yard short and it took a short field for the Colts and Peyton Manning to score the game-winning touchdown - BUETBU91

3 Bob Gibson - New York Giants

With the Giants up 17-12, they were just running the clock out over the Eagles. But rather than kneel for the win, offensive coordinator Bob Gibson called for a running play. Well, the Giants fumbled the ball, Herman Edwards picked it up and scored the touchdown for the Eagles win. Gibson would be fired after this game. - BUETBU91

This one incident is responsible for the birth of the "Victory" formation. - CyberRat

4 Leon Lett - Dallas Cowboys

While Leon Lett's infamous blunder at the Super Bowl prevented Dallas from a Super Bowl scoring record, his second blunder would cost them the game. Dallas was hoping Miami would miss the field goal to preserve the win. The Cowboys end up blocking the kick and it traveled toward the endzone. The Cowboys watched the ball spinning around waiting for it to be dead for them to take over. But as Lett went to recover the ball, he slipped and knocked it forward. Miami recovered and won the game with another chance at the field goal. - BUETBU91

5 Dwayne Rudd - Cleveland Browns

Cleveland led 39-37 while the Chiefs were driving. KC's quarterback Trent Green appeared to be sacked and the Browns' Dwayne Rudd thought so. But Green was not sacked and he threw a pass to a teammate, who ended up getting pushed out of bounds. Game over, right? Wrong! Thinking that the sack had happened, Rudd took his helmet off and tossed it in celebration. This penalty would lead to KC winning the game on a field goal. - BUETBU91

6 Jason Garrett Jason Garrett

With the Cowboys tied at 13 with Arizona, Dallas had a chance to win with a field goal. But Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett called a timeout and iced his kicker. This backfired as his kicker missed the field goal and the Cowboys lost the game in overtime. - BUETBU91

7 Barry Switzer - Dallas Cowboys

On 4th and 1 inside and seventy yards from the endzone in a tie game, Dallas decided to go for it on fourth down. They failed to get the yard, but the two-minute warning had occurred. Rather than punt the ball, head coach Barry Switzer elects to go for it again with the same play. This didn't end well as Philadelphia got the ball with a short field and won the game. - BUETBU91

8 Vontaze Burfict Vontaze Burfict

Leading 16-15, Cincinnati was trying to hold off a Steelers' game-winning drive in the Wild Card game. An incomplete pass to Antonio Brown was overridden because of an illegal hit on Brown by Burfict. Pacman Jones also got an unsportsmanlike penalty that added to good field position for Pittsburgh. The Steelers won the game 18-16. - BUETBU91

9 Jack Golden - New York Giants

During a preseason game, Jacksonville trailed the Giants 13-9 when their quarterback threw a costly interception to Giants safety Fred Lewis. But as Lewis planned to return the ball, teammate Jack Golden tackled him in the endzone for a touchback. But in doing so, he caused a fumble that was recovered by the Jaguars for a touchdown. - BUETBU91

10 Sam Rutigliano - Cleveland Browns

Down 14-12 against the Raiders in the AFC Divisional Game, Cleveland had a chance to win the game on a field goal. But the kicker had missed two kicks earlier and head coach Sam Rutigliano opted to go for the winning score on a touchdown. The play Red Right 88 led to an interception in the endzone. - BUETBU91