Darthvadern's Favourite Moments of His Trip to Lithuania in 2019

It is now August 9th of 2019, and it's been a week since I came home from my trip to Lithuania. It's my eighth visit to this wonderful country, slightly over half of my heritage is from. I love Lithuania. And it was quite a fun trip if I say so myself. It's probably among my top five favourite lithuania trips and we surely managed to visit a lot of places. Here are my top ten favourite moments of my trip to Lithuania in 2019.
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The Top Ten

1 Visiting the Hill of Crosses Visiting the Hill of Crosses

The hill of crosses is one of the most iconic landmarks in all of Lithuania. Located a little north of Šiauliai, the hill of crosses is a hill consisting of thousands of crosses, all over the place. This was one of the first things we visited while in Lithuania, on the second day already. It was truly spectacular walking around all these crosses, small and large ones. It was like walking in a fairy tale. This was also my first visit to this location, of all these eight trips so it certainly amazed me a lot. It's also free to go here so this is a must visit for tourists in Lithuania. - darthvadern

Sounds like you had fun! - Misfire

2 Visiting Kaunas Castle

Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania and probably my favourite one as well of those I have visited (still have yet to see Alytus and Vilnius). On the fifth day of our trip, we had decided to go to Kaunas, to see the spectacular castle of Kaunas. We didn't get to visit the trakai castle unfortunately but this was awesome nevertheless. It was the first time I had seen a medieval castle ever and it was quite humid and cold inside it. But also very interesting. Only a third of the castle is still standing since the medieval times but it was worth visiting it definitely. It's incredibly cheap to visit as well. - darthvadern

3 Walking Around the Orvidas Garden

This was the last thing we did in Lithuania when we were on our way to the ferry in Ventspils. Located in northwestern Lithuania relatively close to the latvian border, the orvidas garden is a sculpture park but unlike any other. While most sculpture parks are generally wood sculptures in a forest, the orvidas garden, is like the name implies, a garden, and it is huge! There are stone sculptures everywhere, and lots of pathways. It was originally built by a man called Mr. Orvidas who felt opressed during the soviet times when religion was banned, including ancient pagan religions, so he made this place. It was so fascinating and one of the best things about it is that it's super cheap. Pretty sure it was juts four dollars for an adult. That's awesome. - darthvadern

4 Standing on Top of the Sand-Dunes of Nida

Around in the middle of our vacation, we decided to visit the curonian spit. a small and thin sand-dune spit located off the coast of Klaipeda, and it ruins through Lithuania and the Kaliningrad oblast of Russia. While Russia has the bigger portion of the spit, Lithuania has the only way out I once heard. Anyway, this day was slightly ruined because it was so hot during this day but I won't forget the moment when I stood on top of the sand-dunes in Nida. The sand-dunes here are some of the biggest in all of Europe and looking down from them was like seeing an entire dry desert with little to no life. It was spectacular. - darthvadern

5 Walking Around the Old Town of Kaunas

The fifth day when we went to Kaunas was surely a awesome when we checked out the Kaunas Castle. However, in order to reach it, we first had to walk through the old town of Kaunas and the liberty boulevard. The old town of Kaunas was awesome. There were lots of souvenir shops all around the place and we managed to buy some really cool souvenirs. We also walked by the glorious St. Michael the Archangel Church which was located here as well. This was certainly a nice moment. - darthvadern

Old towns are always interesting to visit. - Userguy44

6 On-Board M/S Stena Flavia

We used ferries to travel between Sweden and the baltic states. On the way to Lithuania, we took the tallink ferry M/S Baltic Queen from Stockholm to Tallinn, and on our way home, we took a stena line ferry, M/S Stena Flavia from Ventspils to Nynäshamn. I preffered the latter by far. This was the first time I went on-board a Stena Line ferry and the interior of it looked amazing. The white glazed tiles was unlike anything I had seen and the sun deck was awesome. There was so much space for me to roam around but the cabins were the best part. I had a quite big one and there was a lot of room I had in comparision to the cabins on Baltic Queen which were small and narrow. Although an incredibly small boat (you only have three decks you can roam around on, which are Deck 5, 6 and 7, and even then on the last one you can only be outside), I still preffered it over Baltic Queen. - darthvadern

7 Walking Around the Jūkainių Cognitive Path

Aah yes the jūkainių cognitive path, a classic for me. We've always had a tradition in every vacation to Lithuania in which we at least visit this sculpture park, the "Jūkainių Cognitive Path", a relatively small but very cool sculpture park located in-between the towns Viduklė and Raseiniai. This is because when in Lithuania, we live in the town of Viduklė but also because of nostalgia. This year we went to the park already the third day of our vacation. I got relatively ill on the morning that day but I got better the same day but since it was too late to go anywhere far away, we just went to the park this day. It was pretty great although I was quite thirsty and I sweated a lot but it was still awesome. - darthvadern

8 On-Board the Ferry Between Mainland Lithuania and the Curonian Spit

Between the curonian spit and mainland Lithuania is sea. There is unfortunately no bridge that connects the two masses so the only way to cross is to use a small ferry, and it takes about five minutes for it to (well if there was a bridge I bet it would take just below twenty seconds). However I am a big fan of ferries and this was quite a cool moment. While the deck was full of cars, I managed to get to the edge and take some stunning photos. - darthvadern

9 Walking Around Viduklė Town

Viduklė is where I live when on vacation to Lithuania, as my grandmother lives there. Viduklė is a small but in Lithuania it's actually not very obscure despite the size mainly thanks to a contest that takes place once each year in the summer, in which people eat this lithuanian dish as fast as possible. While we came too late for it, walking around here was cool. The roads are pretty bad but it's a pretty interesting town and very nice to walk in nevertheless. - darthvadern

10 Bathing on a Beach in Nida

Ever since 2013, we've been bathing at least one of our vacation days in Lithuania either at the cities of Palanga or Nida (a tourist town in the curonian spit). We did make the mistake by going to Nida's beaches, as the sea appeared to be full of jellyfish everywhere (although not dangerous ones, but they are still unsettling), and the sea was actually not that warm despite there being so many hot days in the latest days and this was the hottest day. However it wasn't miserable because I found enjoyment digging in the sand and building sand castles. Next time I'm going to Palanga instead definitely. - darthvadern