Top 10 Toughest Home Court Environments In College Basketball

College Basketball season will soon be upon us so let’s look at what some of the toughest college basketball environments are.
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The Top Ten

1 Cameron Indoor Stadium - Duke

The Blue Devils of Duke unsurprisingly have the toughest place to play. While it only seats 9,314 making it a lot smaller than other arenas it has a crazy atmosphere to make up for it. The student section in particular known as the “Cameron Crazies” are pretty crazy and one of the most energetic student sections. And you better believe it’s a crazy environment when UNC comes - Randomator

2 Allen Fieldhouse - Kansas

I promise you I’m not being biased. The Jayhawks home court is arguably the Cathedral of college basketball. The original rules of basketball are located there and the court is named after James Naismith. The arena seats 16,300 and you better believe it gets loud. Just ask the West Virginia Mountaineers Who was the opponent of Kansas on February 13th 2017 when they set the Guinness World Record for loudest crowd at an indoor sporting event (130.4 decibels). We’re not lying when we say “Pay Heed All Who Enter Beware of the Phog.” - Randomator

3 Rupp Arena - Kentucky

Rupp Arena can seat up to 24,000 (? ) don’t quite know for certain but the Wildcats Have one of the toughest homes of any team winning near 89% of their games. Big Blue Nation previously had the aforementioned Guinness World Record but was broken by Kansas - Randomator

4 McCarthey Athletic Center “The Kennel” - Gonzaga

The Gonzaga Bulldogs home is even smaller than Dukes with a capacity of only 6,000. Much like Duke, Gonzaga fans make up for the small seating capacity by having an intimidating atmosphere and a rowdy student section. They have only lost there 16 times since it’s opened in 2004 - Randomator

5 Assembly Hall - Indiana

The home of the Hoosiers Assembly Hall has seen great success in Indiana’s heyday. Nowadays they’re not as relevant anymore as a program but when it’s packed this is far from a friendly place to be if you’re an opponent - Randomator

6 Dreamstyle Arena “The Pit” - New Mexico

At first you might be wondering who? But New Mexico has seen success in their home winning 732 games since it opened and fans make it an intimidating place you shouldn’t underestimate. Just ask 2010 San Diego State player D.J Gay - Randomator

7 Carrier Dome - Syracuse

The Carrier Dome is a unique place that can hold 35,000 and is one of the largest arenas on a college campus. - Randomator

8 Breslin Center - Michigan State

The Fans in East Lansing have had a lot to cheer for the Izzone as the student section is called always make this a tough place for any opponent. Tom Izzo and his Spartans have always been successful here - Randomator

9 Cintas Center - Xavier

Musketeers fans have always made this a tough place to play Since 2000 Xavier has the 3rd highest winning percentage in college basketball - Randomator

10 Hilton Coliseum - Iowa State

This arena seats 14,384 and is one of the most hostile in the Big 12. They’ve always had a hostile environment and any opposition must deal with “Hilton Magic” or the team’s ability to come back in unexplainable and improbable ways over the past few years - Randomator