Top Ten Reasons Why School Sucks

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1 Homework

"WE expect our kids to get enough sleep and stay in good health." How am I supposed to do that when I have 5000000000 pages of hw!? - zquad1234

I think all things on this list are relevant, I just voted for one to state my opinion:
Homework takes time away from family, and it prevents us from doing things we enjoy. It's supposed to be extra practice, to help us understand the topic better, but for some of us, do we really need to understand something we might not even need in life? It makes us stay up late trying to finish all of it. What if you understand the topic, but are forced to do a sheet full of things you already know? Teachers say they won't give too much homework, but other classes might and that all piles up. You should be able to choose whether you need homework or not. - Deer4Life

Homework is the definition of more school work, in your own time. This is much worse than regular school work. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

One day: I get 15 pages of homework

Next day: I'm sick because I didn't get sleep - sonictiger

2 Crushes

Uhg crushes...they crush you soul - zquad1234

I actually think crushes allow us to have experiences with other human beings and learn things about ourselves. We learn lessons from dealing with crushes. I don't think they completely make school miserable because, without them school will still be 7-8 hours of your day staring at a teacher. - Deer4Life

Unfortunately, this is where all students fail. We let our social lives invade our school life and it affects our grades.

3 the mean teacher

The one that points you out...yup we all know that - zquad1234

Some teachers just hate their job after teaching for so long and end up taking that frustration of the students. It sucks. - Deer4Life

I used to have mean teachers, at times. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

EVERY school has at least twenty of these things.

4 depression

Well well well...thanks for making me cry every night - zquad1234

Depression can come from a lot of things that school brings. (Bullies, overload of homework, bad grades) Depression kills people. Do I need to say more? - Deer4Life

5 tests

So u make test in order for our parents to yell at us...thank u...test (ik my puns are stupid I mean that song is rly old) - zquad1234

Tests are annoying and sometimes hard. The worst part is that if you failed your test, you'll have to either do it again or your parents will give you a lecture/some punishments. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Tests are meant to judge your skill on something, but really, if you're tired or in a bad mood you might bomb a test while knowing the information well. It's just more stress. - Deer4Life

6 Fake Friends

Oh we all had those...uhg they make your life miserable - zquad1234

They're basically bullies in friend disguises. Both of them are very bad. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

I don't really need to explain this, do I? - Deer4Life


Why is being popular a thing that even exists...why do people have to judge others... - zquad1234

Most popular students are annoying. Some of them are still good, though. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

The Plastics?

8 P.E.

Running the mile every week and u know I have a weak heart...yh thanks - zquad1234

PE is actually pretty fun. I know I need the exercise lol - Deer4Life

At least P.E. is still better than fake friends, tests, mean teachers and homework. P.E. is at least fun. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

9 relationships

Get ready to bring out the chocolate! - zquad1234

You can just avoid being in a relationship altogether - NuMetalManiak

10 Dress Code

OH NO...u see my arm I'm attracting too much dress code is stupid the things adults see what middle school boys are...*rolls eyes* - zquad1234

The only reason that guys hate the dress code is because they think the clothing that the girls wear is hot and they should keep wearing stuff that shows their boobs a little - sonictiger

Dress code is stupid. 'enough said. - Deer4Life