Worst Movies of 2019

Dishonorable Mentions:
- Uglydolls (Another generic and mean spirited animated movie that no kid should see: 2/10)
- Gemini Man (A generic and forgettable action flick starring Will Smith and Will Smith: 2.5/10)
- Jacob's Ladder (One of the most hilariously bad flops on the last year: 2/10)
- Miss Bala (A really generic and pointless action movie that no one saw: 2/10)
- The Secret Life of Pets 2 (A pathetic excuse to make a child movie without even having a real plot: 2/10)
- The Goldfinch (A failed and boring oscar bait tier drama: 2.5/10)
- Charlie's Angels (A completely souless excuse to reboot one forgotten franchise: 2/10)
- The Queen's Corgi (What's up with 2019 and crappy animated movies? And what's Donald Trump doing here? 2/10)
- Men in Black: International (The Men in Black franchise ended well on the 3rd, this is just a souless and lackluster cash grab: 2.5/10)
- Wonder Park (Another generic animated movie where even the animation feels lifeless: 2.5/10)
- Trading Paint (Another prove John Travolta's acting career is going nowhere: 2/10)
- Lucy in the Sky (Same as the Goldfinch: 2.5/10)
- Dark Phoenix (Makes Xmen Origins seems like a masterpiece in comparison, the final spit in the xmen franchise: 2.5/10)
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The Top Ten
After After Product Image

This movie, based on a novel who is well known based as a Harry Styles fanfic, manages to make Twilight, Fifty Shades of Grey and The Kissing Booth look amazing in comparison, this is genuinely the worst """""romantic"""""" movie I have ever seen in my life, the two main characters are just cartoons out of other characters we already seen in awful romantic dramas, she is just your average Bella Swan and he is just a teenage version of Christian Grey, the chemistry is abysmal, the performances are inexpressive, the direction is amateur at best, the plot goes ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE, seriously the first 2 acts of this movie are just crappy sfw teenage porno love, the 3rd act is where everything is and it's so damn disappointing, there is nothing of value in this movie, everything about it it's painful to witness
Did I mention it was based on a Harry Styles fanfic, and that this one blocked the author from his social media?
Rating: 0/10

The Fanatic The Fanatic Product Image

Here's something funny, Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit is the director of this movie, Gotti was the last nail in the coffin for John Travolta as an actor, and this movie confirms it
Rating: 0.5/10

The Curse of La Llorona The Curse of La Llorona Product Image

Well... here's the annual crappy horror movie that overuses every single existing cliche in the book
Rating: 1/10

Replicas Replicas Product Image

A Science Fiction mess whose complete purpose and plot are forsaken making it one of the most empty movies of the entire year, not even Keanu Reeves managed to saved it
Rating: 1/10

Cats Cats Product Image

The unpopular monstruosity fulled of abysmal CGI and bad choices is even worse than it looked, suffering from bad performances, abysmal special effects, random sexual innuendos and one of the worst directions in the history of cinema
Rating: 1/10

Serenity Serenity Product Image

A hilarious flop so serious, so pretentious and so poorly made you cannot avoid but love it and how big it manages to fail on every single thing imaginable
Rating: 1/10

The Professor The Professor Product Image

Johnny Depp's career seems to be going on a downward spiral, people thought Black Mass was going to be the movie that would put him on the map again, but this one manages to be his worse performance since Mortdecai
Rating: 1.5/10

Playmobil: The Movie Playmobil: The Movie Product Image

An obvious rip off of the Lego movie, so souless and devoid of creativity it's hurtful to see, but at the same time is your average snorefest of a child's movie
Rating: 1.5/10

The Hustle The Hustle Product Image

The average crappy comedy of the year, being obviously about the odd couple formula, nothing new, nothing interesting, almost zero to none laughs given, a complete waste of time
Rating: 2/10

Hellboy Hellboy Product Image

The Guillermo Del Toro franchise wasn't a work of art but they were genuinely entertaining and decent superhero movies, this one feels more like a mix between the worst parts of the original with the abysmal style of Ghost Rider 2 and the juvenile humour of Deadpool, being one of the most recent disappoinments in recent memory
Rating: 2/10