Top 10 Best Things About Being an Adult and Living Alone

We all used to live with our parents when we were children, right? Well, imagine if you live alone. No parents, no siblings, no friends, no roommates, just you. That's it. Here are some benefits from living alone.
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The Top Ten
1 You make your own rules

Remember when you were a kid and your parents made a list of rules so that you don't mess up the house?
Well, once you decide to live alone, that all changes. First, there's no one there to tell you what to do, so you pretty much are above the law. Second, if anyone comes to your house, you can make up YOUR rules.

2 You can stay up late

As a kid, you always had to go to sleep at around 8:00pm due to you having stuff to do the next day. But once you're an adult and live alone, you don't have to go to school or anything like that, so you can stay up all night playing video games or texting people or anything.

3 No school

Adults go through a lot of trouble such as parenting, getting a job, and a lot more. But one advantage that adults have over kids is no school. It's like every day is Saturday. You don't have to worry about getting education or getting good grades, because you've already done that stuff growing up. So you can just sit down, relax, and watch TV all day long with nothing to worry about.

4 You can spend hours on the internet with no restrictions or time limits

Kids have limited time on the internet because their parents are always saying that too much internet is bad for them. However, as an adult, no one is there to stop you from using the internet so much. You get off the internet when you want to, because you're the only person there. No one is gonna tell you when to get off except for yourself.

5 You have unlimited privacy in every room instead of only in the bathroom

Imagine being able to do anything in any room without someone going "ew". That's right. If you live alone, every room you go into is your private place. You can be as nasty and as weird as you want and no one is going to judge you simply because no one is there.

6 You can eat anything you want

When you were a kid, your parents made you eat stuff like eggs, bacon, pancakes, waffles...but as an adult, you can literally eat chocolate cake for breakfast. No one controls your life when you live alone, so why not?

7 It's always quiet

When you live alone, it's like the library, but you're the only person there and you can do what you want. The only noise that happens is from stuff that you do. It's basically infinite peace.

8 You can invite people without having to get permission

Ever feeling bored and lonely? As an adult, you just invite your friend over. No need to ask anyone because again, you make the rules. So a few steps are, buy some stuff, invite all your friends, and throw a giant party.

9 You can choose for your house to be as clean or as messy as you want

If you want it to be clean, you can simply wash the dishes and do all those chores. Nothing will make it dirty since you're the only one there. If you want to be messy, then just leave all your used stuff anywhere you want and go on with your day.

10 You can sleep as long as you want

It's so annoying to wake up and realize you have to go to school as a kid, and even on Saturdays you can't really sleep in. But as an adult, all of that changes. Nothing's gonna wake you up. Not your parents, not your timer, not your roommate's annoying alarm clock, nothing. You get out of bed purely when you want to, or you can just sleep in all day.