Top 10 3D Mario Levels

The Top Ten

1 Pinna Park (Super Mario Sunshine)

This theme park is quite challenging, but it looks cool at the same time.

2 Wing Mario Over the Rainbow (Super Mario 64)

Wasn't the best part of Super Mario 64 flying with the Wing Cap?

3 Space Junk Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)
4 Gusty Garden Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)

The atmosphere is just so calm, that it makes for a wonderful stage.

5 Tiny-Huge Island (Super Mario 64)
6 Rainbow Run (Super Mario 3D World)
7 Shadow–Play Alley (Super Mario 3D World)

This is where Nintendo was quite innovative, I mean, running behind walls!

8 Yoshi Star Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
9 Rainbow Ride (Super Mario 64)

Riding carpets in this stage makes me want to say "A WHOLE NEW WOOORLD! "

10 Toy Time Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)

The Contenders

11 Boss Blitz Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

Fight old-time bad guys, which is obviously cool.

12 Tricky Trapeze Theater (Super Mario 3D World)
13 The Great Goal Pole (Super Mario 3D World)
14 Chompworks Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
15 Loopdeeswoop Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)

This is a good place to spend your spring break.

16 Supermassive Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

Everything is huge, even the Lumas' letters.

17 Ty-Foo Flurries (Super Mario 3D World)

So hard plus full of tyfoos and a hard green star. This green star reappears in Mystery box Marathon.

18 Melty Molten Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)
19 Corona Mountain (Super Mario Sunshine)

A very cool and frustrating final level, but the boss battle up top was kind of disappointing.

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