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1 Sphere

A sphere is the most sophisticated shape ever to exist, but also the rarest, hardly anything is spherical, even Earth isn't spherical, it's shaped like a squashed potato, it's lumpy in every direction and it's bulged at it's equator (at 20.8847 km on each side), because of it's rotation, It's even ragged because it has mountains' canyons and volcanoes, if you want to find the most spherical planet, it's Venus (because it's much smoother and has a much slower rotation than ours, making it's equatorial bulge much smaller and the smallest), if you want to find the most spherical man made object, it's the silicon sphere (a softball sized sphere that is only spherical to less than 1 3rd of a nanometer, used to redefine the Kilogram since the current and only kilogram is changing it's mass and weight due to instability and pollution, and a kilogram shouldn't change and should be exact) and if you want to find a perfect sphere, they're everywhere, but you can't see them, they're in the atoms ...more - nelsonerica

I think the sphere is the best 3d shape because it doesn't have any sides

All I can ay is that they can roll arpund a lot and that is fantistic

2 Pyramid

Pyramids are very popular in culture, they were made in Egypt and Mexico, the biggest pyramid in the world is the Great Pyramid of Cholula in Mexico - nelsonerica

Strongest shape times 4 don't @me

3 Ellipsoid

Ellipsoids are the 3D version of ovals, they're also called eggs, Eggs and footballs are almost ellipsoids, other types of ellipsoids are Oblate spheroids, Prolate Spheroids, Triaxal Ellipsoids and Scalene Ellipsoids. - nelsonerica

4 Cylinder

A Cylinder is a shape that is very common with lots of stuff, like trash cans, poles, food cans, some signs and some buildings. - nelsonerica

5 Hemisphere

A Hemisphere is a half sphere, Domes are examples of hemispheres. - nelsonerica

6 Cube

A Cube is a prism that's equal in length, edge, with, diameter and corner, It's a very common shape, some buildings are cubic. - nelsonerica

7 Rhombicosidodecahedron

Just sounds super cool

60 vertices more than enough for my vote

It is so amazing we are going to use it for our school project. From C.C and GIGI

It is really cool that it has 60 vertices and has 120 edges

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8 Cone


Its like an ice-cream cone

Cones are unique since they are round in the bottom and pointy at the top. - nelsonerica

9 Rectangular Prism

Rectangular Prisms are pretty much the most common non-round shapes in existence, other than cubes, examples are buildings and trucks. - nelsonerica

10 Capsule

Capsules are shapes that are straight at the centers and round at the top and bottom, examples are some capsules, pills and the yellow minions from Despicable Me. - nelsonerica

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11 Icosahedron

D20 is the best

12 Triangular Prism

A Triangular prism is a prism with 4 sides and 5 edges. - nelsonerica

It can be roof on the house

13 Octahedron
14 Great Stellated Dodecahedron
15 Cuboid
16 Torus

The torus shape is kinda like a donut and has 0 sides and 0 vertices and 0 faces.

17 Dodecahedron
18 Hexagonal Prism
19 Mobius Strip
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1. Sphere
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1. Sphere
2. Ellipsoid
3. Pyramid
1. Sphere
2. Pyramid
3. Ellipsoid


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