Top 10 Best 3D Sonic Games

People say Sonic sucks in 3D, but in retrospect he's actually had more good 3D games than a lot of franchises that fell hard when making the jump from 2D to 3D. Here are the 10 best 3D Sonic games in the main series (some are only here by default as there are bad ones).

The Top Ten

1 Sonic Colours

The soundtrack.

This would be in top five but not #1

I don't know, this game is really overrated and has a lot of problems for it to be even considered the best 3D Sonic game along with Generations.

The both aren't bad, they're pretty good, but I wouldn't call them the best due to a terrible story with terrible writing and mediocre voice acting, very short games overall, too much 2D, and (Colors) abusing wisps too much at the pint where it's not even a Sonic game anymore. - MasterCreepy


2 Sonic Adventure 2

It's no contest

A great game and a great sequel. It takes all the best parts of Sonic Adventure and improves upon it. It even has a pretty engaging story that you get to see from both side's perspectives. This is where Sonic peaked.

Best due to variety of characters

this good

3 Sonic Generations

I got it on 3DS and it's really good. - myusernameisthis

I like howit has all the characters except for abfew

I wish I have it

Meh, I wouldn't say so. This game is much more overrated than Colors. The only good reason why people call this the "best 3D Sonic game" is because of the PC Mods.

The story sucks even more than it did in Colors, everyone else just stands there like useless crap, the voice acting is much worse, the writing is bland, the game is unoriginal, the game itself and levels are too short, the bosses are too easy, and just not much in the game to give a great impression like what Unleashed did. Sure Sonic controls better than what he did in Unleashed, but it doesn't add up much. The soundtrack is good though.

Seriously? Sonic Unleashed deserved the PC port, not Generations. - MasterCreepy

4 Sonic Adventure

The open world feel is what really gets me with this one. Wish they had explored this element of gameplay some more in subsequent releases. Also, the level design in this game is fab. Makes you overlook some of the control + camera issues.

Definitely the best one, by a mile I would even say

Pac-Man fell a lot less harder than Mega Man when they jumped form 2D to 3D. I was fine with Mega Man in 2D gameplay, but Capcom ran out of ideas. Namco didn't! Sonic's transition from 2D to 3D was smooth. Direction-wise, the Sonic franchise got partially ruined in Sonic Adventure by how the Modern/Dreamcast Era aspects are rather inferior to how they used to be in the Classic Era of Sonic, but Sonic Adventure proves that Sonic can sustain its might in 3D. Mario had a very smooth jump from 2D to 3D, but Classic Mario is mainly better than Modern Mario. Bubsy's jump from 2D to 3D was PATHETIC! Don't you love to make fun of this wannabe? Metal Gear's jump from 2D to 3D was also very smooth.

I like this more than adventure 2

5 Sonic Unleashed

This deserves the #1 spot. The soundtrack, the story, the performance for both day and night stages, Everything about the game is so amazing

This game gives what a sonic 3D game should give to its players. A sense of speed. The feeling that sonic is really fast, and combine these with great level design and you have the best 3D sonic game, in my opinion. I think the only thing that drags this game down is the boring werehog levels.

Best game ever

Sonic Unleashed graphic look better than sonic force. - SuperGamer03

6 Sonic Heroes

This games was very popular when it was released. Too bad Sonic 06's disaster made everyone forgetting about every good 3D Sonic games outside Adventure 1 and 2 (And later Colors and Generations) that keep the spotlight. And that's too bad because there is still some good 3D sonic games. Sonic Heroes is a perfect example.

Great and fun game - myusernameisthis

Love this game, not too easy, great voice acting, and a fun new gameplay mechanic. I love the 3 person team. The only thing I hate is that Charmy was chosen for Team Chaotix over Mighty. - Smash64

Every other team in Sonic Heroes is much better than Team Rose for reasons. That does not make the game, and give SuperSonic17 a round of applause. He judged this game in an incredibly fair way, which I don't always do. - The Ultimate Daredevil

7 Sonic Lost World

Sonic Lost World is a good game and isn't the Super Mario Galaxy ripoff people make it out to be.

Extremely underrated. Do not listen to the critics. YOU are the critic of this game, whether you liked it or not.
The only things I would say about this game that bring it down are the terrible writing, the story, the villains, and useless characters (Knuckles and Amy do nothing in this game, hell why tf were they even there in the first place).
Also this game is NOT a ripoff of the Mario Galaxy games! Sheesh, why are people so dumb sometimes...
Also also great soundtrack. - MasterCreepy

Very fun game. NOT a ripoff of galaxy. The insults sonic makes towards each of the deadly six are just hilarious. Oh, and the return of Baldy McNoiseHair! (Sonic's nickname for Eggman)

An underrated game. I love it. The reason why is because it felt like a 3D version of a 2D Sonic Game. Screw IGN and Screw GameSpot. This game is awesome. Oh as @SuperSonic17 no it did not rip of Galaxy. Sonic Adventure 2 already had the "walking around platforms" gimmick. - DCfnaf

8 Shadow the Hedgehog

Stop reading this and buy the damn game!

I know this game gets a lot of hate, but to me it's a great game. It's so much fun blasting stuff with guns and the varied story routes make it so playing through the game multiple times is never too repetitive. The controls hardly take any time to get used to and the game just gives you that feel of power and superiority that's just to satisfying.
If the aesthetics were better and some of the vehicles were more useful it could've easily been my favourite game. But I attest to the fact that more people need to give this game a fair chance and not just follow what everyone else says. - SuperSonic17

This game is, like most of the modern sonic titles, extremely criminally underrated. - HeavyDonkeyKong

I love the gameplay mechanics, the music, and then also and the story. What I hated:

Tons upon tons of levels revolve around you constantly taking laps around stages killing people or looking for things. It gets old and teious to have to do that to complete a level.

The whole entire "Choose Your Very Own path" Story driven mechanic was not utilized to its full potential.

Some of the endings did not provide closure. For example, we see Shadow killing eggman in one of the endings, but as a whole, it doesn't really seem like a true ending of the game. the black arms and the humans are both still fighting. - HeavyDonkeyKong

This game was awesome it. The only problem is some bosses never change other wise it’s great and so underrate. And super shadow ended boss battle was just awesome.

9 Sonic and the Black Knight

One of the better Sonic games. - SpecialFunWorld

The last Sonic game with a good story and good writing.
After that we got games with trash stories, trash writing, and trash voice acting starting with Colors. - MasterCreepy

My guilty pleasure - hugh201

Playing this game is like cutting down the mightiest tree in the forest with... A HERRING!

10 Sonic 3D Blast

Before you ask "what, this is 2d," no, it isn't. I'm unable to describe this masterpiece, okay?


Why is this game so low? I liked my experience with this game, my only complaints are the slightly slippery controls and the game is too short, thank you GameHut for making a version that really fixes the controls!

The Contenders

11 Sonic Riders

My 2nd favorite Sonic game <3
Such a great, underrated game. - MasterCreepy

12 Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

Yeah, I didn't put the Riders games on my original list as I was going for main series games and I consider these games spinoffs, otherwise I would've put this game in the top 10.
But hey, I ain't gonna be some cannon Nazi, if you guys want to include these games on your lists go right ahead, especially if you don't want to put Sonic 06 in the list. - SuperSonic17

13 Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces. This game was so great! - sonictiger

Best sonic game

My favorite game of Sonic

Yet another guilty pleasure for me and I actually replay it a lot - hugh201

14 Sonic Adventure DX

I think this version is better than the DreamCast version, except for the camera.

15 SegaSonic the Hedgehog

It's good. - SonictheHedgeho

This is extremely criminally underrated indeed. Well, so-rry I defend (Classic) Sonic/Mighty/Ray (in this game) for their spherical middles and unique capabilities! >8(

16 Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Not even 3D!

How is this game 3D


17 Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

I've only played the gamecube port. Its multiplayer is amazing.

18 Sonic 3D Blast DX

'Right, ya Nintendo fanboys, this is my f a v o r I t e Sonic game.


Good - SonictheHedgeho

19 Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Take this off the list! This is dumb - sonictiger

Great game anyone say otherwise is dumb

This game is probably the most underrated Sonic game and it's not even that bad to be honest.
People just overreact too much over the glitches, the loading times and SonElise.

Sonic Fanbase...what will we ever do about you... - MasterCreepy

I'm very glad that you added Sonic 2006 to the list. The game is not as bad most people say it is. Popular opinions aren't always honest, you know.

It's not popular opinion, it's experts that play video games for a living going through them and getting killed or unable to complete a level because the game is actual trash. Sonic 06 is, overall, one of the worst game of all time. - ckets4769

20 Sonic & the Secret Rings

It's debatable which is better/worse out of the two storybook games, as they both suck. In the end though I feel Secret Rings kept more true to Sonic's roots. There is speed, but it's hampered by awkward motion controls which feel twitchy and at times unresponsive. Also the level designs are the equivalent of train tracks, and as the game always forces you to go forwards it can feel like the game is playing itself.
Unlike Sonic & the Black Knight however this game at least didn't give me as bad wrist ache. This is the only one on the list which I simply don't recommend. - SuperSonic17

This was worse than Lost World. I thought Black Knight was better than this too, but your opinion is still respected. - DCfnaf

Stupidest Game I've Ever Played - VideoGamefan5

Here's how I consider these games from best to worst: (This includes the fun glitches you could do)

Sonic 06 (whilst bad , it felt more sonic-y and and had fun glitches.)
Secret Rings and Black Knight (Hard and Easy respectively, kinda dumb music, and bad
c ontrols.)
Lost World (My finger hurts from holding R. If a game physically hurts me, it is automatically
b ad.)
Sonic Boom Rise Of Lyric.
You know what, no paranthesis this time. This game was the absolute WORST of the series. Some might say 06 was sonic's beginning downfall -NO! Boom is the rock bottom. It is the ABSOLUTE WORST. At least 06 was made with at least SOME normal sonic intentions. You do ocassionally go fast. But in Boom? Nah. Good luck with that. You'll be slowly moving forever. Bland repeating levels... boring. Even the Knuckles Glitch Jump was patched, so automatic negative there for removing fun glitches. 06 had the guts to keep their glitches because they *knew* it was the one of the major ...more - mattstat716

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21 Sonic Free Riders

This game would have been awesome. If the controls worked. - HeavyDonkeyKong

22 Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

At least cartoon was a guilty pleasure

This is on the list. The game that killed Sonic like 06..-.

Hey, exploration is back though! Not perfect but still something! Also Werehog ripoff combat. - MasterCreepy

Should not be on this list. End of discussion. I'm voting for 06 to get it above this sorry excuse for a game. At least 06 had potential and was slightly fun to play.

This list tells me that Rise of Lyric is better than 06.

Wut.-. - MasterCreepy

23 Sonic R
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