Top 10 3D Zelda Dungeons


The Top Ten

1 Snowpeak Ruins (TP)

I don't really like ice temples, but this is the best - keshaluvr

2 Arbiter's Grounds (TP)
3 Spirit Temple (OoT)

Pretty much everything about this dungeon makes it the best 3D Zelda dungeon in the series

4 Sandship (SS)
5 Ancient Cistern (SS)
6 Stone Tower Temple (MM)

Wait, how is it that this is only #7 on this list but on the original Zelda dungeons list it's #1? Oh, well. This dungeon is atmospheric. The puzzles are challenging, the enemies are tough, and the music is ominous. Nothing else really needs to be said.

7 Forest Temple (OoT)
8 Goron Mines (TP)

Same with ice, I don't like fire dungeons, but this is the best. - keshaluvr

9 Earth Temple (WW)
10 Great Bay Temple (MM)

The Contenders

11 Nakajima Yuto

He is the best drummer ever after. He can play drum well, he also can singing, and dancing, also he can do tap dance and moonwalk. He can make songs too. And he do his study well too. He is still young, but he is awesome.

12 Fire Temple (OoT)

This dungeon is amazing, great boss, great enemies and great music!

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