Top Ten Best 3x3 Cubes in 2015

The Top Ten

1 Moyu Hualong

This is the latest cube made by the best moyu, it's a hybrid of aulong and weilong

2 Gans 357
3 Dayan Zhanchi
4 Moyu Aulong V2
5 Cong's Design Mei Ying
6 Yuxin Unicorn King 3x3

Aww come on this is the best 3x3 cube. I, a solver with a pb average of 22 sec got a pb of 10 sec with this cube

7 Gans 356
8 Fang Shi Illusion
9 Moyu Weilong V2
10 Qiyi Thunderclap

The Contenders

11 Tanglong
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