Best 4 Player Minigames in Mario Party Gamecube Games

The Top Ten

Mario Party 5 - Triple Jump

This game has always been my favorite and always will be. My high score on this game is 142.8 (which is pretty good) I could get 125 when I was 5 so that's why I chose it as #1.

Mario Party 5 - Fish Upon a Star

In this game you are trying to punch and kick people off of the star. It is kind of hard because these fish will pop up out of nowhere and knock you off too so you have to be watching for those too.

This is my favoritte mini-game in my favorite Mario party game it is so great and fun and it have shy guys and cheep cheep

Mario Party 6 - Snow Whirled

I don't know why but it seems like this is an all-liked game. You really could not hate this game unless you weren't very good at pressing buttons.

Mario Party 4 - Mr. Blizzard's Brigade

In this game you are not fighting, you are trying not to get hit with snowballs, but it is hard to beat the clock on this game because they throw snowballs 3 times the size of Mario

Mario Party 4 - Booksquirm

This is a really fun game but I have it ranked low because a computer always steals my shape

I remember people praising it a lot - Maddox121

Mario Party 5 - Leaf Leap

I like this game because I am always trying to beat my high score and I always enjoy playing it. My high score is 165 yards

Mario Party 7 - Pokey Pummel

I like this game because it is a game where you press A simultaneously and I am very good at that. Also, there is a tie between this game and Domination on Mario Party 4.

Mario Party 5 - Hotel Goomba

This game is easy until you get to the third floor. That is where you have to think about which direction to go. I wish all the floors were like that

Mario Party 5 - Dinger Derby
Mario Party 6 - Pokey Punch-Out

I like this one because you have to press B simultaneously but I hate it when other people steal your pokey things. That really pisses me off.

Button mashers are my favorite, even if I have to constanly tap my finger on a button - HunterBoy

The Contenders

Mario Party 6 - Circuit Maximus

Similar to #6 above, I enjoy playing this game and always want to get a better time but I can't go the round without touching a shock thing.

Why is pokey pummel on here. Its tap A minigame. This minigame however is fun.

Mario Party 6 - Lift Leapers

This is an extremely fun Mini Game! Best Mario Party 6 Mini Game I ever played!

Basic fun platforming of Mario. This minigame rules.

Mario Party 7 - Ghost In the Hall
Mario Party 7 - Funstacle Course
Mario Party 7 - Fun Run
Mario Party 7 - Snow Ride
Mario Party 5 - Pushy Penguins
Mario Party 5 - Later Skater
Mario Party 4 - Avalanche!
Mario Party 4 - Photo Finish
Mario Party 4 - Three Throw
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