Top 10 Loudest Jobs

Many people have jobs for money, but some jobs put them in environments that damage their hearing over time. Sound is measured in decibels (dB) & are weighted in A, B, C & I (for impulse).
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The Top Ten
1 Military Personnel

The military is full of soldiers shouting to others which exposes volunteers to 3 digit dBA sounds though that's not all, there's low lying aircraft which exposes them to 140 dBA from the altitude they're flying at along with weapon testing. Explosives can't be understated they'd not not only permanently deafen you, but can also kill you with the shock waves (which take at least 194.0932334995+ dB to form due to the atmospheric pressure matching that of air on Earth) as 198 to 202 dBI are ranges that can kill a person. Therefore not only is the military deafening, but also deadly.

2 Airport Staff

Airport staff & marshals are typically 32 meters from planes, which means they're exposed to as much as 140 dBA as they take off. Yet unlike explosives which are impulses, planes create sustained sounds & 140 dB for within 90 milliseconds is all it takes to permanently damage your hearing, which makes all matters worse.

3 Performers & Managers at Live Entertainment Venues

Live entertainment has been notorious for high dB levels. For example, live venues such as concerts, nightclubs along with theaters for musicals, fashion shows & conventions have large PA speakers which produce audio at notorious quality. Up to 115 dBA is what people in such environments are commonly exposed to (which's enough to permanently damage your hearing in 28.8 seconds) & the musicians along with DJs & the nightclub staff, models, visitors of such & the managers have their share without a shadow of a doubt, which still isn't even half a minute. Plus when crowds applaud, that adds more to the damaging noise factor which means greater risk of hearing damage. Plus tour managers have to experience the atmosphere of the venues as well throughout their jobs. Yet live entertainment is not only limited to indoor venues, because sporting events at any environment also count, as sport stadiums average 117 dBA which damages hearing in 19.2 seconds & the loudest crowd at a sports stadium was 142.2 dBA on September 29th 2015 which damages hearing in 55.5 milliseconds. Plus Auto racing puts drivers & coaches at risk of hearing damage from 135 dBA. Plus pyrotechnicians are also known to watch fireworks up close which damages hearing with 165 & even 170+ dBI up close & that damages hearing far too quickly in 90 microseconds. Even a wedding party can't be understated as they put guests into 100+ dBA situations which means up to 15 minutes til hearing damage long before the party's over & marching band players expose themselves to 129 dBA especially if they're enough of them.

4 Racing Staff & Drivers

Auto racers are known for racing on the tracks & the cars used for racing can typically give off 135 dBA which's enough to permanently damage hearing in 288 milliseconds. Not only that, but the screaming fans also add to the danger the staff & drivers face on the job & so do accidents which can give off over 169 dBI from the airbags & that's louder than most guns.

5 Construction Workers

Believe it or not, construction work has been a problem for many environments as noise pollutes it. Some workers use jackhammers which are 100 dBA at 1 meter & 130 dBA at the tip. Even the trucks can put workers in situations that can damage their hearing.

6 Teacher

Teachers are exposed to 85 dBA from fussy students as well as cafeterias & 95-97 dBA from fire alarms during drills. 95 causes hearing damage in 48 minutes & 97 in 30 minutes. Plus teachers also go to gyms which can be anywhere from 100 to 105 dBA during rallies & dance parties & they can go anywhere outside campus property into environments louder than they experienced. Hey nursery teachers put themselves at risk from loud music & children nonstop. Therefore teaching is a dangerous job for hearing.

7 Bus Drivers

Bus drivers not only deal with noisy students & teachers, but they try to drown them out with music that can reach 100 dBA which means they're at risk of hearing damage within a quarter hour.

8 Musicians

Musicians put themselves in environments that are damaging to their hearing. Classical musicians can experience 95 dBA which's damaging to your hearing after 48 minutes & trumpets can achieve 130 dB at half a meter & drums are like 125 dBI at the moment of striking. Plus modern concert musicians can commonly experience 108 to 114 dBA. All that puts musicians at risk of hearing loss long before their gigs are over with.

9 Carpentry & Smithery

Carpentery & smithery are surging as trades & are making a comeback lately in rural areas & work as artisans. Gas powered chainsaws put out 110 dBA at 1 meter & demoting a house is also incredibly loud. Plus clanging forges at a blacksmith also give out 120+ dBI which's fine for such quick periods, but as they go on constantly, the risk of permanent hearing loss increases.

10 Agriculture

Agriculture has been known for noise pollution & farmers can be exposed to 112 dBA from tractors & combined can get up to 105 dBA. 112 dBA causes hearing damage in 1 minute while 105 dBA causes hearing damage in 4 minutes 48 seconds. All of that means 75% of farmers put themselves at risk of hearing loss later in life.