Top 10 Knowledge Management Software 2022

Knowledge management software is a database that saves, shares, and manages all information gathered. Many firms use it as a brain since it allows them to rapidly access and transfer data. The data is consolidated, making it simple for everyone on the team to discover the information they require and allowing you to share information with others both internally and externally to the firm.

In this list we have included the top 10 best knowledge management software available in the market today.
The Top Ten
1 Document360

Document360 is an expert in knowledge bases. The software package includes a strong yet user-friendly Markdown editor that is intended to help users who have never used a customer support system grasp the design language of user documentation.

As your firm grows and expands, you'll undoubtedly find yourself adding to and editing your knowledge base articles on a frequent basis. With Document360, you can easily compare the changes side by side and see who made which edits.

Document360 also provides excellent analytics.It is simple to determine which articles are being viewed and interacted with the most. This data is ideal for determining which articles require regular revisions and which are becoming SEO-optimized stalwarts of your website.

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2 HelpCrunch

HelpCrunch provides a simple interface that can be scaled to meet the demands of small organisations as well as large enterprises.

It's an excellent platform for those who are new to customer service management because it contains a user chat capability.

HelpCrunch has a valuable SEO optimization panel for each post, where you can add tags and other metadata to each article to improve its ranking in search results for each term.

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3 Nuclino

Nuclino is a centralised workspace for internal information exchange and team collaboration. Its lightweight design focuses on getting the fundamentals right: its interface is clear, the editing experience is seamless, and the search is quick and trustworthy.

In Nuclino, any material may be collaboratively changed in real time, with every change instantly saved in the version history and preventing version conflicts. With integrations with over 25 different applications, you can bring your knowledge base to life with interactive media embeds such as videos, maps, presentations, spreadsheets, and more.

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4 ProProfs

ProProfs is a one-stop shop for creating a help desk, a documentation platform, and internal and external knowledge bases.

ProProfs places a strong focus on cooperation and integration.They have good integrations with Zendesk, Freshdesk, and other customer care systems, as well as their own chat and helpdesk software products.

5 Flowlu

Flowlu is a CRM, project management, and collaboration application, as well as a knowledge management system.

In contrast to the encyclopaedic style of typical information bases, the interface is built on cards, similar to a Kanban board.

Another beneficial characteristic that they've foreseen is the notion of knowledge transmission. When an employee quits the organisation, all of the tiny tips and techniques they've picked up over time are generally gone permanently, and the new recruit must spend a significant amount of time catching up.

6 Tettra

Tettra is another independent internal information base that is not promoted as part of a bigger CRM. They were clearly built by people with real-world knowledge management needs, based on their website.

7 Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is primarily a collaborative platform with knowledge management capabilities.

Its most appealing aspect is its low cost — the service is entirely free for up to 12 users.

8 Intercom

Intercom is yet another customer assistance and CRM system that includes some knowledge management.

You may combine automated client chat with the knowledge base. Let's imagine your support crew is out of the office or a question comes in when everyone is sleeping. The automated messaging service can parse the gist of the user's question and return a list of matched knowledge base entries.

9 Zoho Desk

Zoho is a full-featured CRM developed for customer-focused enterprises that must respond to a large volume of client inquiries.

Their Desk platform, known as Zoho Desk, combines a ticket management system with a knowledge base, allowing them to deliver rapid replies to clients and keep everyone happy — as automatically as possible.

10 Helprace

Helprace is a knowledge base solution that is focused on user convenience for both your staff and the users themselves.

It has a handful of unique features, such as article recommendations. Instead of a table of contents, viewers will see a list of articles with similar material on the side of the article. This list is automatically updated, so if you add a new article that is similar to an existing one, the "related" section for each will be changed.