Best 4chan Greentext Stories

The Top Ten

1 "Later Virgins"

>be me
>breathes same air as random grill
>lmao cya later virgins - MaxPap

2 Shrek Is Love, Shrek Is Life
3 Anon Gets Laid/Anon Gets Sabotaged
4 Anon Has to Shit/Anon Is Lactose Intolerant/Anon Meets GF's Parents
5 Anon Drinks Decaf
6 Anon Tries Online Dating
7 Anon Is a Doctor
8 Anon Hears a Story
9 Anon Is Hackman
10 Anon Is American

The Contenders

11 Chicken Tendies
12 I Need About Tree Fiddy
13 The Ballad of Ella
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