Top Ten 4th and 5th Generation Military Fighter Planes


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1 Sukhoi PAK FA

This is Russia's 5 th gen fighter and its epic,it's as powerful as the raptor. - Toucan

2 F-22 Raptor

There are better dog fighters, but none more lethal! You can't fight what you can't see, and Raptor will knock down all comers before they even know the F-22 is in the same sky with them.

The world first 5th gen fighter and very few planes can be compared to it, - Toucan

Verry few planes can be compared to this 5 th gen masterpiece with a HUGE pricetag - Toucan

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3 SU-37

An epic plane. It's super maneuverable multirolel fighter plane - Toucan

4 F-18 Super hornet
5 F-35 Lightning II

Another beauty with wings.its another 5 th gen fighter wich is set to replace the F-18 hornet and a few other of its features is it can land vertically - Toucan

6 F-15E Strike Eagle
7 F-16 Fighting Falcon
8 Mig-29 fulcrum

The best multi purpose plane in the world, it can carry out any sort of missions: intercepting, conducting strategic bombings or dodging SAMs, and best thing: it is a model of 1977 and can still take down multiple modern F-18 Super Hornets in dogfighting - yatharthb

9 Eurofighter Typhoon
10 Dassualt Rafale

A multirole fighter manufactured by the French company Dassualt aviation - Toucan

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1. F-22 Raptor
2. Sukhoi PAK FA
3. F-35 Lightning II
1. F-18 Super hornet
2. SU-37
3. Sukhoi PAK FA
1. Mig-29 fulcrum
2. Sukhoi PAK FA
3. F-22 Raptor



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