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21 Try Hard

I love this song because it was one of their first and they sing about trying hard for a girl and I believe they did try hard cause Luke was and still is insecure, I don't know it just seems like they did. It's one of my favorite songs...

This is literally the best song by them! The lyrics are perfect, the drums and guitar are awesome, its not mainstream, and they all sound like angels! I love Luke's solo too! I mean, I can see how not true fans would pick amnesia or slsp but I'm a REAL fan

This is the song that made me start liking them! I love the lyrics and how Luke sings in this is amazing.

By far one of the best songs they have ever written! So relatable

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22 Voodoo Doll

WHAT? This should at least be number 10! I don't like the album version, but the one mic one take on YouTube is the best EVER!

This song definitely deserves to be higher... At least in the top 5. It's so catchy, I'm totally obsessed!

This song should be in the top 3! It should be a single too

My favorite

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23 Green Light

At first I heard English Love Affair and thought, wow they are pushing it... and then this came out! Best song hands down!

The guitar in this is so great, love this song!

Literally the dirtest song in the history of 5sos songs but I LOVE it!

24 Never Be

Again this song is so underrated it's one of their bests!

This is really one of the best songs I have ever heard

So good I love this one

Why the f is this so low

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25 Wherever You Are

I cry and become a teary mess every time I hear this song and just think of how far they've got! Love this song, it's so beautiful! Keep up the good work guys!

So underrated, definitely deserves a higher spot. I know it won't beat their more popular songs so a top 20 spot would be good enough, even if it's my favorite 5sos song - xxpizzasrlifexx

This is their best song. Literally. (at least for me) It needs to be in the top 5.

Makes me cry everything and I don't know why

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26 Hey Everybody

It's great that they have a song different to what everyone else is writing about, also it's a good inspiration as they came from a small garage band.

It's so relatable and with an amazing band like this it's so hard to pick a favorite but this one I think out did itself!

Best song in the world should be number one 1, go away amnesia.

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27 Invisible

The lyrics are so relatable and Calum's vocals are exceptional and make me so emotional.

This song has a very deep meeting that some people may not see in the first listen, leaving that up to you to perceive. calum does a very good job at soloing this song's vocals and this is an amazing job for the standard album's ballad of the album.

Such a powerful song

Amazing! this is one of my favorites and it should be a higher ranking, the lyrics mean so much

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28 Castaway

It is an amazing song with a more punk beat but overall just perfect! If your more into that sort of song then its good

How is this number 47? It's clearly the best song of the new album and possibly their best yet.

Castaway is crazy deep and catchy. How is this not number 1?

This isn't the BEST SONG! why is it in the 30s? I love the lyrics and the beat and it's so catchy and amazing!

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29 Waste the Night

This is my favourite song on the album. The beat and lyrics are great and this song is so underrated.

This is a really good song and I really love the beats and the message the song gives!

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30 Out of My Limit

This is one of my favorite songs by them. I never get bored of it. Definitely should be in the top ten.

, it's the best song I ever heard!

I love how they say limit like lemon


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31 I've Got This Friend

I have many favourite 5sos songs but this was one of the only ones I didn't see already on the list. Whenever I hear this song, I just burst into a smile. I always turn to this song when I'm having a bad day. So yeah...

Such a sweet not my absolute favourite but definitely top 10

This is such a cute song. I love it

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32 Money

I love their new album! They've progressed so much in their song writing skills

It's such a catchy song and I love it, it is a great opener to the new album

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33 Mrs. All American

Why isn't this song on the list?! It's so catchy and fun! You can't listen to this song and not want to dance and sing along

I saw this song on 24th and I definitely think it deserves a higher place since it's awesome

Surprised that this is on here? I'm not! With a catchy beat and amazing lyrics, this song will have you wondering if you could be the next Mr. All American.

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34 End Up Here

THE SINGLE MOST UNDERRATED 5SOS SONG OUT THERE! From the lyrics, to the vocals, to the musicianship this song absolutely embodies pop/punk rock and should receive at least 10 times as much recognition as it does!

ASHTON'S SOLO kILled mE! Irwin deserves more solos

Why this low? This so rocks!

At first the song tells that he had a mistake and expecting the girl will leave her but in the end she don't and stayed beside him😍
What I like about it is that I find it sweet and romantic
This shows the maturity of 5SOS
Love it!

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35 The Only Reason

My heart stops beating normally every time this song is on! So beautiful and heart-wrenching! Thank you so much Michael Clifford for writing this and Luke for singing this!

Out of the list, this is probably the most pop punk song. And it is so good lyrically and musically. It's definitely on of their best songs

This song is really good, so sad and relatable, you can totally feel the emotions when they sing it, should be at least in 5

So amazing song. Perfect vocal tune. Everything

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36 Superhero

This song is amazing in my opinion, it should be higher up

This song is just perfect I don't know

37 Gotta Get Out

What do I see, GOTTA GET OUT in 27? How com? I obviously deserves in top 5!

First 5SOS song I heard, always my favorite

Oh come on! This songs is so goddd! Should ne under top 10.. Luke's voice is so cute in this songs and the song is damn awesome

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38 Independence Day

I really love this song not just because Independence Day is my birthday

This song is so fun to listen to and the guitar into is really fun.

I love this song! Its perfect for getting out of a bad relationship

I love this song! it’s relatable

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39 Fly Away

This song deserves more credit! It's my favorite song from 5sos because everything about it is amazing from the lyrics to the melody.

Fly away is one the best songs from the album. It's so relate-able and I love it

40 Daylight

Seriously confused how this isn't WAY higher. It's a great song with catching beats, and a message if you listen. The only flaw is the intro, which sets a silly tone for a great song.

This song is amazing. I can't get it out of my head, I sing it a lot I LOVE IT

The chorus is so underrated.. Luke and calum is so good together

I just love this song

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