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61 Vapor

This song is really catchy and meaningful. I can't go a day without listening to it. This one should totally be in the Top 5.

This song is my anthem
I can't go a day without blasting it and singing it at the top of my lungs
no one dares judge me
I seriously don't see how this wasn't on the list already
who's with me? :')

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62 I Miss You (Cover)

How has no one voted for this yet?! IT IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SONG! To be honest I actually preferred it over the original, it's that good! The guitars, the beat, and especially Luke and Calum's voices make this song so ADDICTIVE! It should be in the Top 5 at least!

Why is this so low?!? It should be top ten!

I love this but 5sos actually hate it

I love this song so much..

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63 Pizza

This song truly displays the exact emotion I get whenever I hear the pizza delivery guy pull up, pure ecstasy. I want to thank 5sos for making a song that I, and I'm sure many others, have a deep connection to

It's me and my friend's party song. Whenever we order pizza we sing this or play it until he gets there.

Makes me cry every time. Great vocals

It's just so fun and I love that Ashton sings it and the lyrics is just perfect 😂

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64 Catch Fire

One of my favorites from the new album

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65 As Long As You Love Me

What the heck is this? Justin Bieber needs to be burned off the face of the earth.

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66 All I Need

No studio version for this but where's the petition for one?

67 Hearts Upon Our Sleeve

How is this song so low in the list. To me this is the best song they have ever sang. It has both the best things in the world Music and Soccer. Amen.

I hate football but I really like this song

So strong song. I love this song so much!

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68 Love
69 Heartbreak for Two

It was kinda fetish but it was cute

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70 Too Late

Their vocals have definitely matured and improved since the Unplugged EP, but this is still a piece of lyrical brilliance from the early days. Impressive harmonies and a clever chorus for the beginning band.

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71 Hate and Walk
72 Airplanes

I love this song because of how powerful it is. I was shocked when it wasn't on the list!

I love this song. Can anyone please tell me how to hear it.

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