Best 6ix9ine Songs


The Top Ten

1 Gummo

HOLD UP! There's a list?!?! - AlphaQ

Worst song of the decade. Ironic. - AlphaQ

Gummo the best songs my name is jozef sedliak my house in slovakia I like, I love you 6ix9ine,daniel hernandes is king the my idol,my brather

He’s not a bad rapper if u want bad look up kyyng he’s bad

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2 Kooda

His shouting actually works. The beat is also amazing.

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6ix 9ine has a screaming voice and I like this rap because I like boogie wit a hoddie and fetty but its all seems to be 69 and he's did some stupid stuff but who hasent

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4 billy

Least bad 6ix9ine song - I80

This is the Hardest song of 2018 and possibly the best 6ix9ine song created.

Why does this lisr exist. - B1ueNew


Get gummo off the list. - Not_A_Weeaboo

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The best song with great beats

This is how you use autotune like a legend! - Userguy44

Too much autotune but at least he's not screaming his head off.

6ix9ine isn't screaming (thankfully) but him and autotune do not go well. - AlphaQ

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7 93

Guy with glasses: Is this a title made by a toddler? - AlphaQ

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9 Fefe


The calmness is pleasing, and Gummo sounds,... - RandomThings


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10 chocolate

All 6ix9ine songs are extreme trash - DrayTopTens

The Contenders

11 Tati

Best song without a doubt next to kooda fefe

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12 Stoopid

This song describes 6ix9ine

This song title perfectly describes 6ix9ine. - AlphaQ

How to describe 6ix9ine in one word

A banger by two guys behind bars

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13 BUBA UListen to Sample

This is actually 6ix9ine's best song. Its hella catchy.

Dummy Boy is a pretty good album for Tekashi not even trolling

New song Best song of 2018

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15 Tic Toc UListen to Sample
16 Bebe UListen to Sample
17 Poles 1469 UListen to Sample


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19 MAMA UListen to Sample
20 Yokai
21 KANGA UListen to Sample
22 Scum Life

This guy has the dumbest names for titles. - AlphaQ

Adapting a cooler flow, he landed a hit in Germany. - Martin_Canine

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24 Aulos Reloaded UListen to Sample
25 Wondo UListen to Sample
26 Bozoo UListen to Sample
27 Get the Strap UListen to Sample
28 Sese
29 Hellsing Station
30 International Gangstas UListen to Sample
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