Best 6teen Characters


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1 Jude Lizowski

He is the most laid back guy I've ever seen. Sometimes he is also naive, but always very funny. I love his monologue about day off. - Belphegor

2 Nikki Wong

She seems to be very mean girl, but in fact she is awesome friend for guys she likes (and totally vile for people she hates). Her sarcasm was really funny part of every episode. - Belphegor

3 Caitlin Cooke

She is personification of people I really hate, but there's no way to not like Caitlin. She's silly, but so kind and friendly person. - Belphegor

4 Jen Masterson
5 Courtney Masterson
6 Jonesy Garcia
7 Wayne
8 Wyatt Williams
9 Starr

I really like her goth version :D It was awesome to see Jude's face when he saw her wearing corpse paint, chains etc. I wasn't very glad when she disappeared from the show, but her comeback and transformation in last season were terrible. - Belphegor

10 Gwen

The Contenders

11 Ron the Rent-A-Cop

I know Jude and Nikki are like the best, but this guy needs to be higher. If you had watched the show then you might had noticed as of why.

12 Tricia Holmes
13 Mandy
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