Top Ten '70s Non-Metal Albums that are Heavier Than Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" Album

Paranoid is a well rated heavy metal album and lot of people thinks this was an ultra heavy tune for 1970. Now, I'll show you 10 albums from the 1970s that aren't metal, but if you try some songs, you'll know these albums are heavier than Paranoid.

The Top Ten

1 Raw Power - Iggy & The Stooges

Listen to the songs "Death Trip", "Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell" and the final tune of the "Search and Destroy" and after then try to tell Paranoid is heavier than Raw Power... Year: 1973

@Rambles and anyway, I made this list 1 year ago, so don't judge it so hard. My opinion changed a lot since then, now I would say Volcanic Rock, Montrose, Lights Out & WDWTWA aren't heavier than Paranoid. Bet the rest still are.

Well then, MC5's Kick Out the Jams and Deep Purple's In Rock were obv. heavier than Paranoid. And sometimes I even think some Blue Cheer albums were.

2 Mournin' - Night Sun

It's a heavy psych/progressive rock german album (with some metal elements) but the songs are really heavy (and some of them are incredibly fast, see: Plastic Shotgun). Year: 1972

3 Taken by Force - Scorpions

In Uli Jon Roth's period, Scorpions got mixed themselves with neoclassical metal. Created a fundamental stage of neoclassical metal. The second neoclassical metal guitarist, after Ritchie Blackmore. - zxm

However Sails of Charon and the riff of He's a Woman, She's a Man is metal, but the most songs from the album are hard rock. Year: 1977.

4 Van Halen - Van Halen

Though it's hard rock, some songs are very close to metal like "On Fire" or "Aromic Punk". Year: 1978

Plus, Ain't Talking' 'bout Love and Eruption. Ain't Talking' 'bout Love opening riff sounds pretty metal to me, and Eruption is based on classical elements. With elements of both hard rock and heavy metal. - zxm

5 Volcanic Rock - Buffalo

Just like Black Sabbath... the songs are blues based, but a borderline with doom metal. Year: 1973.

6 Montrose - Montrose

Sammy Hagar's first album. The sounding of this album sounds like a little bit of the late 1970s. Year: 1973

7 Death Walks Behind You - Atomic Rooster
8 Let There Be Rock - AC/DC

This album is a little bit heavier than AC/DC's most albums. Year: 1977

9 Lights Out - UFO
10 Master of Reality - Black Sabbath

This one is heavier - SoldierOfFortune

This one is heavier, not as the other ones

Yes this is hevaier, but it's a metal album, and I said non-metal albums in the description.

The Contenders

11 Red - King Crimson

Songs like Red and Another Red Nightmare are way heavier than Paranoid - CygnusX99

12 Who Do We Think We Are - Deep Purple

@Rambles to be honest, this one was a really stupid pick... Paranoid is obviously heavier than this.

13 Machine Head - Deep Purple

In Rock is metal, so its doesn't count. This is the closest you can get. - MattAffterburner

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