70s Songs With the Greatest Guitar Solos

The Top Ten 70s Songs With the Greatest Guitar Solos

1 Stairway to Heaven

Definitely agree with this as number one, but Free Bird shouldn't be too far behind. (Where the heck is it? )

Freebird should be ahead of Stairway To Heaven.

2 Comfortably Numb
3 Beyond the Realms of Death
4 Iron Man
5 (Don't Fear) the Reaper
6 Victim of Changes
7 Eruption
8 Smoke On the Water
9 Hell Bent for Leather
10 Into the Void

The Contenders

11 Free Bird

Really, Freebird at number eleven. Allen Collins wrote this and performed this song when was about twenty years old. At that time he did the whole solo by himself. Now the variuos parts of the solo are split up between numerous guitar players. I think Freebird should rank in the top three. Who ever did this list knows nothing about guitar solos.

12 Snowblind
13 War Pigs
14 Bohemian Rhapsody
15 Fire and Rain - James Taylor
16 Sultans of Swing
17 Sails of Charon
18 Hotel California
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