Top Ten Conspiracy Theories About 911

Conspiracy Theories About 9/11 many of them are coincedential and cannot be all of them but can also may be all of them..

The Top Ten

1 Planes Didn’t Make Twin Towers Collapse, Bombs Did

So that means terrorists were in the Twin Towers before the planes hit them? - Userguy44

Yep,but no day shall erase you from the memory of time

It was planes.
Stop being a deluded dunderhead.

I believe it

2 Ozzy Osbourne Music Video 'Mama I'm Coming Home'

Ozzy osbourne released this video 10 years before the attack. You can see this video on YouTube. Conspiracy theorists are giving explanation of subliminal messages inside the video.. - paasadani

What does Ozzy Osborne have anything to do with 9/11? It seems like the conspiracy theorists smoked some pot to make up this wild theory. - Pony

3 Illuminati Were Behind the Attack

Imagine believing in Illuminati. - Userguy44

Guess what I bet the Illuminati cursed Our Gang and Glee.

Illuminati where atheists.

Illuminati nowadays is a hoax, Illuminati is something from like 1776 and had a decline around 1785-1787 according to Wikipedia.

4 Aluminum Planes Can’t Penetrate Steel Structure Of World Trade Center.


5 Hijacker's Passport Recovered

Dunno dimwitted as conspiracy's of Titanic who say it never hit an iceberg.

How have been the Hijacker Satam Al Suqami passport not be destroyed by the huge explosion. - paasadani

6 The Movie 'Back to the Future'

How?! It's just a time traveling kick-ass movie. I don't get it...

7 X-Files' Lone Gunman Episode

On March 4, 2001 X-Files Television Series Telecasted a Episode titled ‘The Lone Gunman’ in that episode the terrorists are trying to crash the aeroplane towards the twin tower. - paasadani

8 Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams

Not again this is crazy as the conspiracy theory about Titanic didn't sink with the iceberg.

9 The Government is the Reason for 911

Osama Bin Laden?

This is the truth though. Why tf is everyone still blaming it on Muslim people

We're blaming it on terrorists because it's true. The whole "inside-job" idea is just ridiculous. - LedgerDraven

The “Bush did 9/11” crap shouldn’t be taken seriously, but it needs to stop nevertheless. - JoeBoi

10 The City of New York VS Homer Simpson - The Simpsons

Simpsons New Kids on the Blecch - Mad Magazine Tower (main office) blown up. New York. The episode aired seven months before 9/11. Bart and other school boys boy band Party Posse. A single titled Drop Da Bomb and Yvan Eht Nioj

New York 911 was shown on the Magazine inside some scenes of this episode. - paasadani

The Contenders

11 Johnny Bravo Episode Telecasted on April 27, 2001

So? People are born different years. I was 12 years old.

Um... That was my first birthday... - Pony

12 Looney Tunes Predicted 9/11 in the Cartoon "Often an Orphan"
13 The Album Cover Art of the Band 'Coup' for their 'Album Party Music'

Album cover for 'party music' which was released on June 2001 depicts the destruction of Twin Tower. After the Twin Tower Attack they have changed their cover art. They planned to release their album on Sept 2001 but due to their cover art they released on Nov 2001. You Can see the cover art on Wikipedia.. - paasadani

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