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1 Adam Sevani

I think he is awesome ad I did a report on him and I got an a plus

I don't no much about him but I believe he is the best

This man is awesome he is just 22 but dances better than any one. even in acting

You are awesome

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2 Phisicx

He's awesome. his spins are so cool

I love Phisicx. I love watching him breakdance

I love phisicx, I wondered what happened to him. his sryle is so different and unique,

He is better than anyone

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3 Cico

Where from your breaking powermove class?
Which city?
Infromtion please

Cico power moves are breath taking and so strong...

This guy holds the leading record of 1990 spins

I am your big fan

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4 Taisuke

TAISUKE is unbeatable period!

Yo, he sick as hell bro

Taisuke goes for many things. His power moves have exceeded the limits of every other breaker.

He spin very fast. I like him because he combine many moves when he is spinning

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5 Lilou

Best all round bboy

Lilou is the best B-Boy I ever know, he is a living legend, when he's on the dance floor we don't know what will he do, but only he's gonna rock the dance floor. His style, his thread are so good that it makes me started B-Boy. There might not be anyone better than Lilou. Peace.

He is awesome and any word is few to tell bout him... I love his style and he is one of the best b boy I ever seen... He I so flexible and powerful.. This is the result of his hard work..
A big salute to him...

I don't know anyone who is as insane as lilou, his style is so individual and amazing.. And when he enters a room people know his presence.. Perhaps the best B-Boy ever

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6 The end

You're My Hero! Your Power Move is so Fantastic, so clean, Prince of Quality!


This guy brought power to a whole new level. The stuff he did in 2003 is now done by bboys today and he still is ahead of the game. The End is the God of powermoves n'uff said.

One of the greatest, his powermoves are untouchable and creative. A truly inspiring bboy.

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7 Kid david

gets credit where credit is due

He create of his own styles which it's so cool to watch his free style

Moves make it seem like he is floating

This guy is the BOSS of B-boy! One day I'll be like him...

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8 Hong 10

Rulez the floor with every section of bboying to the maximum capability that he could ever reach, a truely amazing and extreme bboy

I like him bcs he is the master of hollow which I like

Hong 10 should be #1 on the list he's the best

Large repertoire, Creative, Original, perfect balance of Power& Style

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9 Chris Brown Chris Brown Christopher Maurice "Chris" Brown (born May 5, 1989) is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. Born in Tappahannock, Virginia, he was involved in his church choir and several local talent shows from a young age. He is most well known for his physical assault towards the singer Rihanna in more.

He should not go to jail

This list now looks as joke... Chris Brown have no place among the pros!

Chris can dance any style. He gives you what you want and his body movement is just attractive

Chris Brown? This guy shouldn't even be on this list, Pronto!

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10 Keyz

This is the best, I don't even know who is.

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11 Cloud

He’s so unique, and really sets himself apart from all the other Bboy dancers.

I don't think the world has ever known any other dancer that is more versatile than him.

Cloud is the best b-boy in the world.

He was not born to entertain, he was born to amaze...

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12 Pocket

Best power mover

He should be rated better.

Should be much higher... Beast

Amazing power and control on his speed...

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13 Domkey
14 Bboy Junior

Explosive, powerful and captivating.

This guy's ice cold nothing stops him

Who can beat junior

Amazing abilities

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15 Thesis


This guy can take the whole world if he wanted/felt like it.

Knows every trick in the book

This guy is really underrated compared to everyone in this list. Half of the people here gets credit for being on Red Bull. Thesis easily has one of the best foundation and largest arsenal/moveset in the bboy community not to mention his unique take into his style.

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16 Neguin


He can pull a flip out of nowhere

He is a master coreographer and just a natural beast

King of flips..
His body can never down..

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17 Dominic "D-Trix" Sandoval

He has the greatest windmill and air flare I have ever seen

He is just awesome; I can't explain how he does it

He got the best windmill and air flare that I have ever seen.

Love him he is an amazing breakdancer with the best attitude and humor

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18 Bboy Wing

I've watch a couple of videos of him on YouTube and he's very good.

His movement is artistic!


Best 2000's in the buisness

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19 Roxrite

Supposed to be number one from the list.

Is, was and will ever be. He' s working hard and the moves speak for themselves. Has beaten Lilou in 2008 as I remember

20 Born
21 Lil Amok

Crazy moves unique style

22 Lil G

He is obviously the best, most people here only vote for guys from their countries and that's not fair at all.

He's control the speed... And... He's power moves

One of the best power movers of all time pluz he is a beast killing the beats

He Are awesome, is best breakdancer I have seen

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23 Fik Shun

Love him!

Fik shun has so much more style that most of the ones in this list and is always on beat


Best robotics/pop skils I've seen. I breakdance and he is my idol.

24 Bboy Vincanity

He's best tutorial maker

Awesome Bboy teacher

This Bboy is the Best Tutorial Maker on YouTube

He is great teacher and best performer

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25 Hrithik Roshan Hrithik Roshan

He is best dancer in the world...

Most successful Indian actor and breakdancer.

26 Jesse Casper Brown

How is he this far down the list...

His power moves and rhythm are over the top

The most entertaining fore sure!

His style & movements are amazing! My favourite b•boy ever!

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27 Bboy Cloud

Love his moves,dancin through music and killin at the end.

28 Khenobu
29 Vero

He’s the reason why I like breakdancing so much his style are so unique...

This guy needs to be at the top of the list if it wasn't for him then I may not have as much drive to boy

Creative, I like the hat trick

He is my idol

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30 Laurent (Les Twins)

His a gravity master
the boss

Don't know why he here. He should be number 1 and larry


31 Bboy Ronnie
32 El Nino
33 Gravity

His flips are AWESOME, nobody can do that too!

He's the best of the best

34 Kill

He's got power moves and some fundamentals :)) I just love him

Mother of air chairs. This guy is crazy

I like his one hand air spin

His move can kill us..

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35 Bboy Ricky
36 Bboy Flyin Foxy

I'm A big fan of you from Harry pretty

37 Bgirl Terra

Bgirl terra is an amazing breakdancer and she is only 6! She might not be as good as the well known bboys but she has a very big future in the breakdancer industry

38 Rynan "Kid Rainen" Paguio
39 Bboy Benji

A great dancer from 90s era

40 Larry (Les Twins)

He's a good dancer

41 Lucas (Japa)
42 Benny Kimoto

He has the greatest acrobatic moves and he really does the best airflres. He is a complete B-boy.

43 Mig187
44 Bboy Blond
45 Bboy Morris
46 Tan
47 G Floor
48 C-Lil

You are my idol C-Lil I'm Lao like you

49 Akai
50 Scobyscob

He is jabba the hutt

One of the best on the lower east side nyc

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