Top Ten Breakdancers (B-boys)

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21 Lil Amok
22 Bboy Cloud
23 Lil G

He is obviously the best, most people here only vote for guys from their countries and that's not fair at all.

He's control the speed... And... He's power moves

One of the best power movers of all time pluz he is a beast killing the beats

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24 Bboy Vincanity

This Bboy is the Best Tutorial Maker on YouTube

He is great teacher and best performer

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25 Gravity

His flips are AWESOME, nobody can do that too!

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26 Jesse Casper Brown

His power moves and rhythm are over the top

The most entertaining fore sure!

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27 Khenobu
28 Vero

This guy needs to be at the top of the list if it wasn't for him then I may not have as much drive to boy

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29 Hrithik Roshan Hrithik Roshan V 2 Comments
30 Fik Shun

Fik shun has so much more style that most of the ones in this list and is always on beat

Best robotics/pop skils I've seen. I breakdance and he is my idol.

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31 Benny Kimoto

He has the greatest acrobatic moves and he really does the best airflres. He is a complete B-boy.

32 Kill

He's got power moves and some fundamentals :)) I just love him

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33 Laurent (Les Twins)
34 C-Lil

You are my idol C-Lil I'm Lao like you

35 Rynan "Kid Rainen" Paguio
36 Akai
37 Bboy Ricky
38 Larry (Les Twins)

He's a good dancer

39 Bboy Ronnie
40 Bboy Flyin Foxy

I'm A big fan of you from Harry pretty

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