Best Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Missions

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1 End of The Line - Riots

Absolutely the #1, a lot of the rest of the top ten sucks though. Not only the greatest mission in San Andreas, the epic finale of "End Of The Line" is the best moment in the entire SERIES.

pls vote here cause its the final mission

It is the best of all the Grand Theft Auto missions. And it's the dramatic mission where the corrupt cop dies and friends celebrate their victory

Although this mission had three parts to it, it was still the best mission in the game. Also, what was the name of the mission that required me to break into a military base? That was a good one too.

2 Black Project - Airstrip

Though End of the Line is the most complete mission, if I had to choose ONE, this would be my choice. This is just more fascinating than the final mission. The first part is amazing, because you can do it anyway: you can shot the guards with the sniper rifle, or you can follow the soldiers one by one and kill them with the knife or the silenced pistol. My favorite way is however to make a massacre with my M4. The second part is very hard and the final fight is absolutely epic. A 5 stars mission.

I can't wait to fly on jetpacks and fly all over the country except the terrorist locations! Plus, do they really have aliens in Area 51?

Really it is the best

Love that mission because you must go to area 51 :D and fighting is epic

3 End of the Line - Ends Riots
4 Just Business - Big Smoke

If me and Big Smoke share one trait, it's that neither of us have met a russian.

The shootout with the bike was the greatest thing about this mission.

Epic Mission! Reminds me of James Bond and Mission Impossible!

Most hard working mission

5 Breaking the Bank at Caligula's - Heist

This mission had that special feeling in the air. It successfully kept that casino heist feeling, which I really loved. It involved planning, teamwork, and a little bit of stealth. Everything was perfect; the cutscenes, the interactions between each characters, and the gameplay itself. I also loved the setup missions that led to this final mission. The reward was also grateful (100,000$)
(I remember when I was a kid I rushed in with baguvix and uzumymw and killed everybody, but didn't know where to go)

It's a casino heist, that is being planned over the course of several missions. It's easily the most memorable mission outside the main story line involving Big Smoke.

All the effort of many previous missions comes down to this missions. We can see that all the things we have done before in this mission. And the reward is also great: $100,000

Reminds me a lot of Ocean's 11. Missions leading up to as well as final mission were all really fun

6 Pier 69 - Garage

Never shoulda killed Ryder. Best character of all time

7 A Home in the Hills - Mansion

CJ became rich.

Nice mission. Vagos were challenging to be honest

Come on people.Should be higher.

The mission where you took back a multimillionaire's mansion from Vagos.And it's YOURS!

8 Highjack - Toreno

Poor mission. Turning the truck is canc

9 DriveThru - Sweet

God Big Smoke eats a lot!

Hahah, indeed legendary and one of the best.

I don't want to skip the cutscene because of Big Smoke's order


10 Deconstruction - Garage

I loved burying the guy in the toilet and destroying portables. Really funny mission, I also loved the schools, they were fun. I don't know why flying school is no.6.

That's nice... Really good one great mission I love this mission.. Once there was a boy he was sexy

Good mission. I loce shotgunning all tge workers and climbing back in my dozer.

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11 Madd Dogg's Rhymes - OG Loc

I'm not all of the way through the game but I just finished this mission, very fun

Detective mission, very interesting.

It's all about stealth for a rhyme book

Its like splinter cell in gangsta form!

12 Big Smoke - Intro


13 Amphibious Assault

Awesome and challenging mission. This mission rocks. The best mission of course in Grand Theft Auto SA

RAD. INTENSE. This mission is probably one of the greatest realistic missions I've ever played in the Grand Theft Auto series

my favorite mission in GTA story

This is by far the best mission in Grand Theft Auto San andres

14 Badlands - C.R.A.S.H

I hate this! one of my least favorite missions.

15 Burning Desire - C.R.A.S.H

1st time that denise becomes your gf

Love being fireproof

It’s annoying. plus, you get that bitch denise from that so, I hate it

16 The Da Nang Thang - Woozie

One of the worst thing about this mission is that you lose all your weapons after an RPG hits your heli.

Hate it when I lose weapons but it’s challenging, and it’s cool

Best San Fierro mission. Tec-9 is a good gun

17 Reuniting the Families

Not number one, but this mission was so much fun, especially the ending.

My favourite by far. The bit with the police chase at the end has some real comedy in it

Bets mission by far

I love these type of missions

18 Cut Throat Business - Madd Dogg
19 Vertical Bird - Toreno

I saved right before playing this mission and saved my progress in another slot so that I can always come back to play the same mission. Purposely played around with the enemy jets to have that dogfight atmosphere.

You just have to steal a military jet off an amphibious vehicle, and use it to destroy a flotilla of spy ships. Nothing to it!

Steal a jet from the navy and then have a dog fight in air. CLASSIC

Only hated because of bustas. Strategic mission

20 In The Beginning...
21 Freefall
22 High Noon - Casino
23 Tanker Commander - Catalina

Why does Catalina get angry when it disconnects? You can just reconnect it!

It's a good mission but its too difficult
the best way to do it is just blast the car that's behind us

It’s the worst catalina mission but it’s still good. I wouldn't require it to one of the bests though.
it’s good still

24 Snail Trail - Syndicate

AIDS mission. Wait nine minutes to kill one man. Cba

25 Body Harvest - Badlands
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