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1 The Downfall of Us All

Best song ever! I fell in love the very first time I heard it! It should be number one! Its incredible!

This song is pretty BA. First song I ever heard by them and it still remains my favorite. Haven't found a better one yet!

This should be number one! Its the best song ever, voter rights will be heard! Make this number one guys

While I love this song, I think we should do another list, considering the brand new songs from Bad Vibrations came in, and I feel some of them deserve to be in the top 10. - ckets4769

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2 I'm Made of Wax, Larry, What are You Made Of?

I hit the replay button every time I listen to this song on YouTube or my mp3

only song I keep replaying.

Love this song! You be Tails, I'll be Sonic is similar and it got a close 2nd

By far May favorite

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3 All I Want

Best ADTR song ever. If you haven't really listened to this band yet make it a point to check this song out. All their music is amazing but this one a a favorite of mine. These guys are badass and this song proves how solid and legit of a band they are.

Their best song ever of ADTR... This and Better Of this way are the best songs of ADTR... PLease make it first

I love it, not to mention the video is AWESOME! And tomorrow I will see them live, can´┐Ż't wait!

This and "I Remember" are just amazing songs

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4 If It Means a Lot to You

This song will blow you away. Its the acoustic track off of Homesick. Sierra Kusterbeck also sings vocals on the track and the combo with Jeremy is amazing. If you haven't heard it - GO LISTEN TO IT!

This song deserves #1. It's what (ironically) got my introduced to this absolutely amazing band, and I've been obsessed ever since. This track really shows how talented they are; they can do the hardest metalcore you've ever heard, or they can slow it down for an equally impressive and beautiful acoustic masterpiece. Absolutely the best song by them.

This song is awesome. They're both trying to make the relationship work, but there are forces at hand that are preventing them for being together. He even admits he doesn't want to leave, but he can't come home until they're sing. La, la la la, la la la.

I love the end it's so cathartic.

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5 All Signs Point to Lauderdale

this song is THE BEST. if anyone listens to this song once, he will love to listen to it for thousand more times! simply the best song by AD2R - zobaer

Yes, I agree: this does not include metalcore-style screaming compared to their other work. However, this song remains to be their most solid track. Why? Despite the lack of screaming, the guitars remain to be influenced by the genre, and Jeremy's pop-punk vocal style is, as always, infectious. The best part about this song, however, is the lyrics. Honestly, I personally cannot find another one of their songs that I could relate to as much compared to this one. It tells the perfect story of someone being tied down by the people around you, trying to prevent you from being yourself. I could ramble on and on, but I don't think it would be neccesary. Just give it a listen - you will NOT regret it!

! This song is the greatest song by ADTR! It has not much of screaming, but has the punk-like rhythm and awesome lyric.

This is a one time listen, lifetime loved song.

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6 You Be Tails, I'll Be Sonic

Amazing song, pure lyrical and vocal talent. In the Sonic video games, Tails is always trying to keep up with Sonic, but often is left behind. That's what this song is about, leaving someone behind. Easily a song to get you in a good mood and say F YOU to the person you screwed you over. Amazing song.

Perfect mix of hardcore screaming and pop singing. The lyrics are deep and easily relatable for anyone who has screwed up bad

I simply love this song, I listen to it over and over again and never get bored of it. This has to be one of the best if not the best songs from the "What separates me from you" album. If anyone hasn't heard it then I recommend you listen to it right now! Go on, go onto YouTube and listen it even if it's the last thing you do!

From the Metal to Soft-Core Rock vocals; this song hits the spots for the perfect Post-Hard Core song.

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7 The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle

The best verse by any artist of all time is when he says "I'll rip that scandalous bitch in Two". Plus the video for this song has a very famous actor in it so it has to be the best song by a day to remember.

I love this song it's just so amazing the screamo, bass. Guitar and clean vocals trust me this will blow you away if you listen to it I've listen to it a thousand times and and seen the video clip and it is just so good so buy the for those who have a heart and listen to it and the rest of the album it is just amazing

This song has a little bit of everything ; good lyrics, some screaming, catchy verses, and it is a great pump up song! If you like adtr, you'll enjoy

This is the song that made this band who they are. It's the song that will forever be played last at live shows and the one most played in the ADTR playlists of many.

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8 Have Faith in Me

I listen to this song EVERYDAY! It gives me faith/hope. Freak yeah. ADTR all the way!

The title sums up the song very well.

Totally love the lyrics. It's so deep! Awesome, I recommended poeple to listen

I said I'd never let you go, and I never did. This song is so amazing on so many levels its unreal

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9 You Should've Killed Me When You Had the Chance

This is my favorite song of all time and its lyrics are amazing! If you have ever had a friend that had betrayed you, then youb will listen to this while you plot your revenge!

Heavy, fun and kind of creepy. Due to the potency of their lyrics combined with the inventive middle passage, I'd have to say that while it's not their best, it's close up there.

the anthem of their library, amazing track.

The song that in my opinion, defined the band. Melodic, heavy, and catchy. Everything you could want from ADTR.

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10 Sometimes You're the Hammer, Sometimes You're the Nail

Awesome, awesome, awesome. One of the best off the new album

My personal favorite ADTR song! It has all their best qualities in one song! Great riffs, great drumming, Jeremy's clean vocals and screaming are on point, and the overall lyrics/meaning is amazing!

The best album is indisputably homesick, but this is the best track overall. replay button every time.

i like it.

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11 This is the House that Doubt Built

Really great instrumentals and vocal harmonies all the way through. It seems to have a bit of a softer edge than their more hardcore songs, but it is in my opinion the most emotionally powerful song this band has ever written and all in all one of their greats. Definitely a good listen.

I wrote a comment on this song about 2 years ago, and I look back and laugh at it. My opinion hasn't changed, and this is now my favorite song of all time. Why is it not in the top 10?! - ckets4769

Best song, best lyrics by a best band ever.
How I love the lyrics, they tell us that in the end is all about where we wanna go, and in the end it's not about what we have. It's kind of self respect to us... Best song I ever heard so far

This shiuld definitely be way up there. The chorus, damn! The lyrics, EVERYTHING! This song is just so well made that its unbelievably good! Vocals, instruments, chorus, lyrics, all are just tooo good

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12 Mr. Highway's Thinking About the End

This song should be number 3, or ever higher! Great music to rock out to at parties, and has great screaming and soothing tones. Over all a beast song! One of the best guitar moments ever before "Disrespect your surroundings" and after, makings want to destroy everything! Like if you agree with me!

So emotional and heavy. Hands down the best song by A Day to Remember. Very relatable song about someone you know very well changing into a different person that thinks they're too good for you. Plus this song has the best breakdown in any ADTR song.

I'm listening to this song as I'm writing this and I just want to say that this perfectly captivates A Day To Remember's unique style of music. It is catchy, amazing cleans and screams, and a great breakdown. This song is absolutely perfect in every single way and definitely deserves to be higher up on the list.

That breakdown though - chnapik

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13 Right Back at It Again

Right Back At It again has always been one of the most memorable songs I've heard by A Day To Remember. Just saying, should've been on the top 10

The opening for this song is the best sound I've ever heard.

MORE VOTES! We need to get Common Courtesy on the top ten! This song is AWESOME

Just like I've always sang your 2 cool for school

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14 2nd Sucks

I think this song at least deserves second place!

mosh pitting madness. the breakdown is amazing too.

This song is just such a BEAST. You feel like you wanna shred things to pieces! Guitar, drums, vocals, all absolutely amazing. Something about this song makes me wanna violently punch something. And no, I'm not a psychopath.

This song is the heaviest

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15 My Life for Hire

A very nice, energetic song.

Awesome lyrics from an awesome band

This song is baddass in general

I love the way they have multiple genres in their music

Best drum beats, best breakdown. lot of changes in the song

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16 It's Complicated

This is one of their best songs, I heard it during their concerts, must listen to this! This song shares what they have to go through.

My favorite song ever. Words can't explain.

Belting the chorus is the greatest feeling you can have

G8 song I loved it, I feel like this album was the best other than paranoia- jimmy

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17 I'm Already Gone

This song is new, so it has a lower spot as of October 16th 2013, but this is one of the most beautiful songs by any musical group that I have very heard. I listen to this song and it reminds me of my home back in Sarasota, of the things that I've done and felt. It's a beautiful message and expression of inner peace and love. Very beautiful song.

This song proves thst they can be hardcore and soft. The guitars that play in the chorus just really speak to me. Beautiful song, you'll love it. A nice change of pace

This is definitely their most relatable song, besides maybe If It Means A Lot To You, but it's so beautiful.

It reminds you of who you are and can be

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18 Another Song About the Weekend

AS IF THIS ISN'T EVEN ON THE LIST! If you haven't heard this then you haven't heard all the truly amazing songs of A Day To Remember

This is by far their best song. Come on people listen to it! It has amazing lyrics and this song gets me going every morning. Give it a chance!

One of the most underrated songs, not only on the album, but by ADTR. - Zezerex

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19 End of Me

What? No 34.. Unbelievable.. in my opinion, this is absolutely their number 1.. If you guys haven't listen this song, check it out and you will absolutely love it

So much emotion in this song. Its amazing

Seriously surprised that this wasn't on the list. I do like a lot of there songs but this one is definitely my favorite.

Good lord this song is one of the best. Not opinion, it's the truth. Top 10. - ckets4769

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20 Violence (Enough is Enough)

New single. If you haven't heard of this yet this is by far my favorite song followed by the plot to bomb the panhandle. "violence give me violence, cus they say were the worthless ones! " such a nice intro also

Best song should be in the top ten

I just went on a download spree and I've got to say, this song jumped out at me the most. So good

Should be in the top 5

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