TheWriter Reviews: A Day to Remember's Bad Vibrations

Disclaimer: The following is a post that involves a lot of opinions. If you are easily offended please be careful for it is just opinions.

You have been warned!

Hello everyone, CjWriter1997 here and welcome to the first review of my reboot TheWriter Reviews. I have already planned out a couple reviews already so I won't just stop at one review. I'll be reviewing more recent releases, starting with my first one A Day to Remember's Bad Vibrations.

First off, I don't dislike ADtR. There okay to me. I liked their What Separates Me From You album and Homesick as well. But however I found their new album...well...

Bad Vibrations is basically what you get when you try to still be the same and it just ends up one bore of an album. I mean so many similarities can be heard from their previous works. (I.e. Forgive and Forget = Have Faith In Me) The album was trying too much to be heavy and angry as well as mellow and rich that listening it through felt like a mess of generic pop punk songs and angst heavy songs that really have no purpose. I listened to it only twice but that was enough to know how I felt. I'll probably won't ever listen to it again. Overproduced guitars and cheesy lyrics is what best describes this bland piece of music.

Sorry for the harshness but I just didn't like it. However most die-hard A Day to Remember fans probably will. And if you already do, then good. But to someone who doesn't even like the Metalcore or Pop Punk genres, this album isn't for you (nor me).

My rating is a flat 1.5/5


More reviews on their way! No need to argue whatsoever, but please feel free to let me think of your opinions. Did you like it, love it or did you hate it? In other words have a good day. - cjWriter1997