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61 A Second Glance
62 When 3's a Crowd

Is this even a A Day To Remember song?

63 Westfall
64 Same About You

Just amazing

65 In Florida
66 Leave All the Lights On
67 Monument

Please give this more votes. This song is incredible! Start the Shooting is also awesome. All of their albums are good but For Those Who Have Heart is definitely their masterpiece. The re-recorded You Should've Killed Me When You Had The Chance is legit too!

off of their second album, for those who have heart. the greatest chorus in the bands history and a fantastic ending, my personnel favourite.

This song got me into this band I've bought all there albums since then they deserve to get paid

Love this song really much. Something quite special,really. Just give it a listen!

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68 The Price We Pay

always puts me in a good mood

69 Why Walk on Water When We've Got Boats

This song probably has the best clean vocals that jeremy has ever done. Even though it's a short song it's probably one of their best.

Clearly this song has not been listened to otherwise it would have made the list! Seriously if you love songs like You Be Tails, I'll Be Sonic and 2nd Sucks then this song will be stuck on repeat for at least a week! Gotta get this masterpiece higher up on the list.

70 Breathe Hope In Me
71 Nineteen Fifty Eight

Laugh out loud no suprise

72 Start the Shooting

I don't know how this song wasn't on the list already, it's such a great song it should be in the top 20 the lyrics are just amazing

How is this so low on the list? Amazing guitar in the song. Give this song a go!

73 You Already Know What You Are
74 Bullfight

Brand new song, but I love it already. It gives me a This Is The House That Doubt Built vibe, and it's really bringing back a lot of memories.

No idea how most of these songs are so low on the list (Probably because ADTR's my favorite band so I like everything) but it's definitely one of my favorites by them. 2nd favorite ADTR song behind You Be Tails, I'll Be Sonic. Starts fairly soft and solely gets harder until 2nd verse which picks up the pace. Great heavy breakdown and the song as a whole has the perfect combination of screaming and singing.

Great Build up, Epic track.

Awesome breakdown in this song, a range of vocals and lyrics which remind me of some of ADTRs earlier hits such as 'the plot to bomb the panhandle' and 'you be tails, I'll be sonic'

75 Turn Off the Radio
76 Naivety
77 Negative Space
78 Justified
79 Good Things
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